Thursday, January 25, 2007

Make Me Pretty!

In one week, I will be leaving this cold-ass weather (today was't too bad, actually), and planting my ass on a cruise ship heading for 80 degree temps. I can smell the sunscreen already.

Feel free to envy me all you want.

In preparation for my big trip, I am turning the house upside down to find stuff I will need to take, buying new stuff when I can't find them, and most importantly, getting my hair done.

After a week or so of trying to get a hold of my hair dresser, she finally called me back. She had sold her business to two other girls working in the shop because she didn't want to deal with the stress of ownership. Then, the two girls turned around, stab her in the back, and gave her the boot. Whores!

So, Amy came to my house to do my hair. I can't complain. I got to wear my crappy, but comfy, lounge wear. Go barefoot. Get my hair done. All the while listening to the Margaritaville station on satellite.

Meanwhile, the neighbor kid comes over and asks if he can play with Sam in my backyard. I don't mind because it wears the dog out so he will just lay around the house for the rest of the night and leave the cat alone. The neighbor kid chases Sam around the yard, they play fetch, life is good, until something else catches his eye through my kitchen window...

A white lady with foil in her hair. A shit ton of foil. And the other lady who is applying the foil, well, she's covered in tattoos. As I am sitting on the stool, Amy and I both realize this 13 year old kid has stopped playing with the dog, and is just watching us through the kitchen window...and laughing.

I'm sure this will be a very animated tale at the family dinner table tonight.

Amy finishes the highlights and quick trim before departing. Now, I am basking in the glow of newly highlighted hair. I've visited the tanning salon a couple times now, so I look healthy. Not the pale, pasty girl from before.

I'm going to look smoking hot on this trip. Other people better take notice.


"The D" said...

We better see some pics of your hottness!

Kathryn said...

Other people or just ONE other person? Hmmm???

Kristine said...

OH my GOSH - I can't believe the time is finally HERE! Are you going to share pics from the cruise?? I can't wait to see you in the red dress! You must be dying for the next few days to pass.

Marti said...

I am so happy for you (despite being green with envy - lol)

Loved the story of the foil-head lady!

I hope you will have a spectacular time and get lots of pictures to (and stories) to share!

Melinda said...

I am so envious. It's been three years since my last cruise. *sob* Have a wonderful time and dance the night away! Beware the jellyfish.