Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hump Day Blather

I got up late today because I didn't get to sleep until late last night. I bought an iPod last week, so I have been all about putting stuff on it. I bought the 30gig one, so I can put LOTS of stuff on it. Maybe I can toss a couple tv shows then I will have my own on-flight entertainment.

And so far, I have almost 3000 songs, mostly ripped from cd's I currently own and never listen to anymore.

So, I get up late and peek out the window to see more snow. I had no idea we were supposed to get it, but I'm happy to leave it behind come Friday. Of course, I still have to go out and get some last-minute things either this afternoon, or tomorrow. I still have to pack, and clean the house.

Last night, I was doing laundry at 10pm. Now, instead of the ceremonious Laundry day, I just go to the laundry room off the garage in my bare feet and pajamas, toss some clothes in, and turn the washer in. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!

So, I did just that. Only when I went to go back upstairs to the warm part of my house, I found that the door had locked behind me. Shit. I sat on the steps and tried to figure out what my course of action would be. Front door was locked. Back door was locked. No keys, not even to the car. No cell phone. I considered going to my neighbor's house at 10:30pm to ask if I could use their phone, to call my mother and have her come and let me back in...but I was in my pjs, no shoes, and it was butt-ass cold outside. Not to mention it was 10:30 at night.

Then it dawned on me. I have a crap-ton of handyman stuff in my basement, courtesy of The Boyfriend. Surely I could find something that I could use to break into my own house. A crowbar, a hammer, a battering ram...

I poked around and found something that looked as it might be able to do the trick...a rubber coated mallet. I took it to the door, eyeballed the doorknob. Then, I began to tap it. Then, I upgraded to hitting it. Then, I was full-on beating the piss out of an old doorknob, adding a Amazon woman war cry for good measure. After a couple really good swings that would make the Strongman Contest take notice, the doorknob, now bent in half, gave up it's hold on the door and the door popped open. I took my power drill and finished uninstalling the knob. It was a piece of crap and only had one key anyway.

So, a trip to Lowes will be in order before I leave. I'm going to have another key made to hide in the garage so this never has to happen again. If I don't get it installed, perhaps The Boyfriend (someday to be upgraded to Husband 3.0) can install it while I am away. He's going to be here building a new mantle for my fireplace, and he seems to enjoy all that handyman stuff.

Now, I must go and try to pack more than just a snorkel...which is the only thing that is taking space in my suitcase at this time.

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Melinda said...

Enjoy the iPod - I just bought one too, and tonight, I ended up somehow erasing all my songs on my ipod and having to resync them to the library. Don't ask me how, I have no idea. But beware.

Enjoy your vacation!!!