Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here's to a New Year

Forgive my tardiness in blogging. I assembled my computer this week, only to find that the modem crapped out somewhere between the apartment and the house. Now, I am just waiting for my new modem, which should arrive sometime next week.

New events...

I have satellite! And being able to watch real TV is everything I thought it would be. Thus far, my happy ass is camped out whenever Law and Order is on. SVU is my favorite, but Criminal Intent ranks a close second.

New Year's Eve went off without anything too terribly exciting happening...unless, of course, you don't count your mother drunk dialing you as exciting. She did...twice.

Me: Hello?
Mom: (slurring) How's my baby girl?
Me: Uhhh...fine.
Mom: Have you got everything unpacked?
Me: No...that's what I am doing right now.
Mom: Is the fridge still in the garage?
Me: Yes.
Mom: I'll help you move it.
Me: You can't move a fridge up a flight of stairs.
Mom: Yes I can! (hiccup)
Me: Have you been drinking?
Mom: (proudly) Yes!
Me: What?
Mom: Beer
Me: How much have you drank?
Mom: Hold on...
Me: (hearing the sound of things being tossed around) What are you doing?
Mom: I'm looking in the garbage can to see how many beers I drank. (pause) Nine!!
Me: (heavy sigh)

Mom blathers incoherently for about five minutes before I begin to somewhat understand what she is saying.

Mom: My emotions are just all jumbled right now!
Me: (flatly) Why are your emotions all jumbled?
Mom: Because I fell in love again!!!
Me: (groaning somewhat loudly) Okay.
Mom: Yeah, I know you say "okay", and I know you are a strong person, and not weak and stuff...but someday you will be my age...
Me: Okay.
Mom: You'll see.

I cite the huge amount of work I have to do and beg off the phone, but not before Mom promises (threatens?) to call me after midnight to wish me Happy New Year. I secretly curse Paul for bailing on me in favor of a family gathering. As promised, she called again five minutes after midnight, and slurs her Happy New Year greeting.

Obviously, the highlight of my evening.

I didn't make any resolutions this year...unless you count unpacking, and other general home improvement stuff. I hung my very first set of blinds on Monday. It took me all day to do it, but the other three went up in a relatively short amount of time considering I knew what I was doing by then. The refrigerator has also made it's way to the kitchen with the help of three strong guys. While I measured the height and width of said fridge before I bought it, I failed to check the depth, and now that ginormous beast of ice and cold sticks out a good six inches, and somewhat blocks the doorway into the kitchen. Anyone exceeding 300lbs will have to get to the kitchen through the dining room. I should post a disclaimer for that in the house.

Now, I have to get out of unpacking mode, and get into vacation mode. I have to start pulling out clothes for warm weather, start packing, tan, and finish booking shore excursions.

I really, really need this vacation.

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