Friday, January 12, 2007

A Fine Ending for a Fine Week

Well, it would appear that winter has finally caught up with us...and it sucks.

I had planned on leaving for work earlier than usual, stopping by the store first for a can of Reddi Whip. Paul called around five pm and insisted that I leave for work right then and there. Reddi Whip be damned.

I left closer to 5:30pm, only stopping at the gas station to fill up the car in the event I got stranded. They didn't carry Reddi Whip.

I-70 hadn't even been close to being cleared, much less salted. The MoDot trucks (five of them) parked on the side of the highway, probably having donuts and drinking coffee. Meanwhile, traffic is moving at a crawl, and sliding all over the place. I almost bought it on the Manchester Bridge, then again at the Jackson curve. My top speed was just under 30mph. Some SUV's would blow past me like I was sitting there in park. I did notice most of their plates were from Johnson county. That figures. Dumbasses.

I made it to work, and for the better part of the night, we're golden. Then, I get a patient who is, for lack of a better way of saying it, "circling the drain". I can only hope the patient's family gets here before the patient transfers to the Eternal Care Center. That's what we call a Negative Patient Outcome, people. Ideally, I'd like them to hang around and wait to expire after shift change because I still suck at filling out the paperwork, but my spider sense tells me to get my pen ready.

I spoke with Paul earlier to tell him I made it to work okay (because he's secretly in love with me and worries about me more than he would like to admit), and he was celebrating in his achievement of home made refried beans. I've never made homemade refried beans. I've never known anyone to make homemade refried beans. To me, it's just easier to open a can and scoop them out. But I'm not a hater, and I can't begrudge anyone who wants to delve into making refried beans from scratch. I get to sample the finished product this weekend as he brings them to work.

It's arctic-ass cold outside. I'm so excited for the drive home. Hopefully, the roads will be in better shape because I have no desire to bunk at the hospital for the day. I don't think the residents will be too willing to share their bunks with the nurses...but then again, I could be mistaken. From what I understand, some of the residents have already bunked with some of the nurses.

Be safe, and keep warm!

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Melinda said...

I was on a plane to Texas. Got stuck in Oklahoma City for an hour or so. Not bad, but I got my pen ready too just in case I needed to book a room. Damn weather.