Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mid-Week Activities

A shaved Sam, is a happy Sam.

That's not a euphemism for anything. I bought a $7 set of clippers and shaved his beard. Now, he's happy. I can tell because he no longer looks at me like he wants to chew on my kidney.

I used to cut hair before my nursing days. Truth be told, while dogs are not as picky as humans, they are certainly more challenging to cut...all that squirming around. Sam squirmed a little, but for the most part, stayed perfectly still. I think he knew exactly what I was doing, and was grateful for it.

While not the best haircut I have ever given, he looks a lot better. This haircut should in no way demonstrate my ability with shears, just in case someone out there was looking for a free haircut because the person who normally does his hair won't return his phone calls.

Awesome blogger, Pom, posted a pic of some cookies she made, with the link to the recipe for homemade Oreos. I haven't really done a lot of serious baking since I moved in, which is something I love to do. So, after reading the raving reviews of these cookies, I thought I would make a batch. The first batch was okay. I stayed up at 1am to make them. The second batch, I made this afternoon.

In grand tradition, I accidentally burned the last batch when I tripped the breaker (too much crap turned on in addition to the air conditioning unit) and the timer shut off. The slightly burned batch turned out to be the best cookies of all of them, but I do love a slightly burned cookie...and I am kind of weird like that.

The smaller cookie in the back is one of the burnt ones. That one's mine. I'll probably take a bunch to work to share. I even went out and bought some Shatto milk to enjoy with my burnt cookies. There were only six of them (the burnt cookies). Now, I am down to three.

So easy to make, I will probably be making a ton more of these cookies in the future.


Faith said...

Oh, Sam does look happy now! (And much better, too...I wonder what the grooming people were thinking when they did that original thing to him? Weird.)

Home. Made. Oreos? Nonononononono...It was bad enough when I kinda figured out how to fry things!

Melinda said...

Sam looks MUCH better, though I have to say when the day was rough, I would go to your site and laugh at your poor dog. I've seen that look on my animals' faces; it's nice to see they're not the only ones who sometimes want to maim their owner/slave/caretaker.

Heather said...

That's okay. Sam's menacing picture has brought joy to many in the Greater KC area and beyond.

"The D" said...

I had night mare a bout that pic of Sam.




Heather said...

Awwww, Poor D. Let me hold you close and make you feel safe. I'll protect you.

pomegranate said...

YUM!! I'm so slow at reading blogs these days. Your dog is insanely handsome! I wanna pet him.

Those cookies are seriously easy and delicious. Last time I made that batch I saved like 5 for us and sent the rest to Roommate's work. Mmm.