Friday, June 08, 2007

What's Better Than World Peace?

How about someone dropping a nuclear bomb over California? Namely, Hollywood.

Starting with the Sheriff's office, the asshat who arbitrarily let Splooge Bucket Hilton out of the clink because she's a whiny, spoiled bitch. Are you kidding me? I take care of patients who are guests of the Penal System. They don't get sent home, they get sent to the hospital, with their own guard in tow. Sometimes, they are lucky enough to not be shackled to the bed. Usually they are, even for something as slight as bounced check charges.

But Paris(ite) gets a "get out of jail free" because she can't handle the pressures of being incarcerated. Hmmm...maybe she should have considered this when she decided to get behind of the wheel while drunk.

I hope they toss her back in, where she stays for her full sentence. I hope the Sheriff who circumvented the judge's ruling gets fired. I hope that maybe some faith is restored in our judicial system, which is perilously hanging on by a thread.

I also hope that everyone boycotts any Hilton hotel because her parents are the root cause of all of this. Her parents are enablers, and they need to be in the pokey right along with their daughter.

Which is why I will be staying at Marriott for all my hotel needs.

Don't forget Lindsay Lohan! She needs to be in a cell next to Paris(ite). What about all those establishments who served her alcohol with the entire globe knows her age? Yeah, nuke them, too! Again, the root cause of Lindsay's problems can be traced to her parents. Her mother only now goes to visit her daughter on day ten of her rehab stint?? I read somewhere that Dina is going to have a reality show of her own...all about her attempts to whore her other children out to the entertainment industry. I mean, she's already sacrificed one daughter to the Famewhore Gods, and Lindsay's pretty ate up now. As if I couldn't be anymore disgusted, I'm appalled that a network would think that airing this show is a good idea.

Which is why I am also boycotting the network that airs it.

In conclusion, a nuclear bomb dropped on California would eliminate these awful, pathetic excuses for human beings. It might even foster some good will with Muslim extremists. I suspect they hate us because they think people like Paris(ite) Hilton and Lindsay Lohan represent the average American.

It all makes me want to barf.


Kamizar Pootz said...

Hey hey, let's be fair now. It only takes a few hours to make that pr0n film....

But you are right, money talks a lot in this case.

emawkc said...

I just wonder how much the Sheriff got paid to pull the stunt. Hope it was worth ending his career.

Faith said...

What if it's on Bravo? You can't boycott Bravo...

If it's on E!, I'll join you in that, though.