Thursday, June 14, 2007

We All Scream for Ice Cream

After my nap last night, I woke up with hankering for ice cream. Sheridans sounded like a logical choice, so I loaded up Sam and off we went.

Getting there, I saw the parking lot swarming with a sea of people. Cars everywhere. It was pandemonium. I love Sheridans, but not that I left. It wasn't until this morning that I found out why...some promotion from channel 9 to get free frozen custard. If I actually watched channel 9, I would've known that.

Next stop: Sonic.

The Sonic by my house doesn't have a drive-thru window. Instead, you have to pull into a bay and a car hop brings you your order. Sam starts barking at two rednecks sitting on the patio sharing a twelve pack of beer. I push the button to place my order: one orange creme slush and one small vanilla cone. The girl on the other end informs me that they are currently out of ice cream.

What. The. Hell. Sonic? Out of ice cream?? There should be laws against this.

I ordered a small cherry limeade and left. Other people also had the same idea for ice cream, but just left without placing any kind of consolation order. I'm guessing they probably had drove by Sheridans as well.

There was a line that wrapped around the Dairy Queen. I didn't even stop.

Last resort: McDonalds. Deflated, I just pull through the drive-thru and order a small vanilla cone for Sam. When I say small, I want something, well, small. This cone? Well, the cone was small, but the pile of ice cream on top was as big as my head.

Sam ate every bit of it and nary a drop spilled. It's good to know that someone got what they wanted. I went from a mocha almond concrete, to a orange creme slush...and reduced to a cherry limeade.

I don't usually buy ice cream to keep at home, because it will get all old and crystally before I ever get around to eating it. However, when I want ice cream...I want ice cream, and someone better have it handy!!

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