Friday, March 28, 2008

One Word Answers

Another meme I found...

You're Feeling: Tired
To Your Left: Mug
On Your Mind: Boys
Last Meal Included: Ketchup
You Sometimes Find it Hard To: Workout
The Weather: Sunny
Something You Have a Collection of: Magnets
A Smell that Cheers You Up: Spring
A Smell that Can Ruin Your Mood: Necrosis
How Long Since You Last Shaved: Yesterday
The Current State of Your Hair: Bedhead
The Largest Item On Your Desk/Workspace Right Now (besides computer): Crock
Your Skill with Chopsticks: Mad
Which Section You Head to First In the Bookstore: Clearance
...and After That?: Releases
Something You're Craving: Sleep
Your General Thoughts On the Presidential Race: Overkill
How Many Times You've Been Hospitalized this Year: None
A Favorite Place to Go for Quiet Time: Bedroom
You've Always Secretly Thought You'd Be a Good: Sexologist
Something that Freaks You Out a Little: Lice
Something You've Eaten Too Much of Lately: Hamburgers
You Have Never: married
You Never Want To: divorce

Tag: Everyone.


Nuke said...

Crock of ..?

Heather said...

Ink pens

Nuke said...

Good, cuz having the obvious answer on your desk could be pretty gross.