Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I drove all the way to work today because I am on an interview committee and we are interviewing nurses for a new leadership-type position that just opened. I did not apply for it. It's day shift, and I am not that crazy. Yet.

So I get all the way there, and Bosshole tells me the interviews are tomorrow. Last night at the AHA fundraiser dinner, he told me it was today. So, what's it going to be?? He brought up an email he sent two weeks ago that said Wednesday. I'm such a botard.

It wasn't a completely wasted trip, I got an earful of hot gossip, not to mention a new coffee mug in honor of Nurses Week.

Yes, it's Nurses Week. I like roses, imported chocolate, and Starbucks. Plan accordingly.

I came home, decided to mow the lawn....regretted mowing the lawn when I was done. I have officially decided that Brother gets the mowing job now, in addition to trash duty. To his credit, he did sweep and mop the living room this weekend. He's quite handy, and he surprises me from time to time.

Tomorrow night, I'm hosting a small bbq in honor of Tweener finishing nursing school. Just a handful of nurses will be coming. I'm sure it won't escalate to birthday proportions. Just nurses, burgers, and hot dogs. Oh yes, that karaoke machine also.

Right now, I'm kind of tired, so I think I will take a nap. Tonight, I will finish cleaning the house, and make a late night trip to the grocery store.

More later when life starts getting interesting again.


meesha.v said...

happy nurse's week, I agree that they deserve a whole week unlike some other worthless trades who only get a day

bobbie said...

The thing that always bothers me about Nurses Day/Week is this... Yeah, they pat us on the head, tell us how wonderful we are, and give us a cheap trinket; the rest of the year they treat us like dirt w/o batting an eye.
***sigh*** I've think I've been in the business too long!!
But what the heck ~ Happy Nurses Week!

A Librarian said...

If you can ditch the lawnmowing by all means DO IT! I loath mowing the lawn.

Happy Nurses Week!

IDigSmartLadies said...

Only imported chocolates? Dang. Here I was going to send a whole mess of Ghirardelli, but now I might as well not, since you only like the imports.

In any case, happy Nurses Week! Be glad you get a week. I know there's a system administrator appreciation day, but us programmers don't get a day, let alone a week like you guys!

Heather said...

Ghiradelli is perfectly acceptable.

We deserve a month, considering the places we willingly put our hands.

Monique said...

So that's why Johnson & Johnson has been playing the "You're a nurse! You make the difference!" ads over and over and over.

Happy week!