Sunday, May 25, 2008

QuikTrip Wedding Revisited

I didn't go the QuikTrip wedding. As much as I wanted to, I had to work that night and it was simply too far for me to drive there, feast my eyes on the spectacle, drive all the way home, and then try to squeeze a nap in before I went to work.

Lucky for me, I have friends who went. Indy, for lack of better things to do, not to mention that the opportunity to observe such a event rarely presents itself, dressed in his best camouflage shorts and t-shirt, went. AND he took his camera.

More on that later...

When I posted about the wedding, there was a certain anonymity to my post. No real names and a vague location. I figured that if the happy couple wanted to out themselves, they would.

And they didn't disappoint.

A family member sent a email to the Johnny Dare show spilling all the details, first and last names. The couple did not send this email. The couple were annoyed, especially the groom, who didn't want his wedding to turn into a circus.

Let's pause while we wrap our minds around this: the couple was getting married at a gas station, and the groom didn't want it to become a circus.

~scratches head~

A day or two later, the anti-circus groom sends an email to the Johnny Dare show, whoring himself out for free stuff under the guise of "wedding presents". Johnny promises they will send someone from the station out to the wedding. Surprise, surprise...they didn't. No word on any freebies.

In all it's ghetto fabulous glory, Indy calls me periodically, giving me updates. He's absolutely giddy, and I'm fairly confident he had a boner. All the while, snapping pics with his digital camera. Pics of the arch, pics of the minister/judge (who had never married anyone at a gas station before), pics of the donut case inside the store. Indy is snap happy with a camera...which we discover will work to the favor of everyone involved.

Because this wedding has not one ounce of any discernible professional planning, the photographer is a friend with a nice camera. Her father dabbles on the side as a photographer. He gets paid to take pictures. However, he can't make it to the wedding. Dumbass Daughter volunteers to take the pics because she "knows how to do it".

After the wedding ceremony is complete, Dumbass "Photographer" goes to change the film in the camera, and discovers she can't get the film to rewind. Further scrutiny reveals that she loaded the film backwards (of which I'm still trying to figure out how this is possible, because there is only one way film will go into a camera).

End Result = No wedding pictures.

Oh! But wait!! What about that guy in the green camouflage shorts that was taking pictures? And just like that, Indy goes from being Missouri Rubbernecker, to Wedding Photographer.

Pictures will be forthcoming, as soon as Indy figures out how to load them on his computer. He's a techtard, but coming along slowly.

(If anyone in blogdom also attended this blessed event and took pictures, email me (or the pics) to headhurt at hotmail dot com.)


bobbie said...

What a shame you couldn't go!!!
[evil grin]
Can't wait to see the pix!

4 days till puppy!! How is Hank?

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Melinda said...

That is hysterical. I can't wait to see pics.