Friday, May 02, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon

I awoke to the sound of a train at 1:30 this morning. Only it wasn't a train. It was another storm that meteorologists in the area, while jerking off over all the damage, can't decide if it was a tornado, or a "microburst".

Brother and I were discussing the fact that we had never even heard of a microburst until our grownup years. Just another new thing added in the quest to pussify America.

At any rate, my neighborhood sustained no damage, just leaves blown out of trees. Down the road, a gas station had it's roof blown off. A couple trees knocked over. For the most part, everyone is okay.

The first storm was the huff. The second one was the puff. I stand corrected.


bobbie said...

Glad you're OK!!!

"The D" said...

Both storms were lame.

RDM said...

No damage here. Nice breeze with the attic fan on. Slept like a baby...for a little while, at least.