Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hump Day Blather

I took Mom in for her follow-up appointment. As nice as the docs are, I still find it frustrating that you have a total wait time of almost 2 hours, only for your actual face-to-face doctor time not to exceed 10 minutes. Gah!

So, we sat in a dark, little waiting room. (It's kept dark for the patients who have had their eyes dilated.) There are a couple televisions, but all they play is education materials that pertain to the eyeball. Mom and I are the youngest people in the waiting room.

I run hot and cold with the senior crowd. In a professional setting, they are sometimes difficult. Personally, I love them. I like talking to them, listening to them reminisce about stuff. What I find really charming is watching the old, married couples. You can always tell the ones who have married forever. Not only do they look a like, but it's almost like watching two halves of one whole. A planet and it's orbiting moon. A right hand and a left hand. With the concept of "starter marriages", quickie divorces, and people who just don't want to work at relationships, old marrieds are a dying breed. Literally and figuratively.

I only want to be married if I can join that elite group.


As we were sitting in the waiting room, the Eyeball Channel features mom's doctor, who is relatively young, Latino, and ridiculously hot. Dr. Ridiculously Hot Latin Man is blathering about something to do with eyeballs.

An old woman sitting next to us mutters under her breath, "He's a handsome little devil..."

Five other women (including my mother) agree a little too enthusiastically. The husband of one offers, "He's a nice guy." I smirk to myself because I'm fairly confident that none of the women in that waiting room, aged 33 to 100 did not have his niceness on their minds.

It was that cute, little, Latin ass. Grrrr.

Old doesn't always mean dead, people.

After our ten minute visit with Dr. RHLM, we go to lunch to the newly opened Corner Cafe in Independence. It was their very first day of business, and half of Jackson county showed up for lunch. It was fabulous lunch, and I recommend it to everyone. After that, we do some light shopping and then go home. Exhausted.

I've only started my Christmas shopping. I had Mom's gift all planned out until Mr. Recommendation told me he bought her the same damn thing. Thankfully, I had an epiphany and thought of the next best gift. Evar!

So, tomorrow, we shall resume the shopping and hopefully I won't hate humanity by the end of the day.


Donna said...

Your remarks about the old married folks reminded me of something I overheard a nurse saying outside my husband's room when he was recovering from heart surgery: "They're just the cutest little couple," she said, referring to me and Cliff. I would never have thought of either of us as "cute" or "little", but as guess as a couple, that's what we appear to be.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

The funny thing is even tho you get old, you still "see" young ... not teeny bopper young, but Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman type young. It's important to keep those eyes

Candice said...

I think my older patients are the most horny of them all. I had a 90 yr old lady one night that I thought was going to dry hump the young Dr's leg. It was quite amusing.

Spyder said...

Hubby & I have ben married 23 years so far. It's worth the work!