Monday, December 22, 2008

Super Klutz, RN

So, I was at work last night. It was going to be a decent third, I had the same patients I had all weekend. I was planning on a nice, quiet evening.

Well, we know what happens when you make other plans, now, don't we???

I was walking down the hall to get report from the day nurse when she mentioned something to me. I did a little jig to express my pleasure, felt my ankle roll, and I toppled over. On my ass.

My ankle felt a little sore, but I was more embarrassed than anything. A couple of nurses appeared, we laughed it off, I got up, put my shoe back on, and limped to the back desk. When I sat down, my ankle began screaming. I just shrugged it off. I roll my ankle often because I lack the coordination to walk and breath air at the same time. I'd just walk it off, take some Tylenol, and I would be fine.

I finished getting report, happened to look down at my throbbing foot, and almost fell out of my chair. It looked like someone stuffed a baseball in my sock.


So, I called Smo (who was charging), she looked at my foot, and it was decided that I probably should go see the friendly folk in the ER.


A replacement nurse comes, and I gimp down to the ER. Go through the whole triage thing, taken back to a room, and seen by a nurse, a doctor, some dude with a computer, a radiology tech and her portable x-ray machine. They determine that my ankle is not broken, just badly sprained. I get a splint, a prescription, a note, and told to go home.

This morning, the swelling has gone down, but my ankle is still fairly tender. I finally get to use those crutches I bought my my surgery and didn't need. At some point, I have to go back to the hospital to be seen by the friendly folks in Occupational Health.

What do we learn from this, kids? That I should never make any effort to spontaneously dance ever again. It's hard to believe I did the drill team thing my senior year in high school and not manage to break my neck. I did, however, look cute in the short skirt.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

Ouch. Send brother out for a good bottle of something. Have mother cook your fav meal for you. Get in your snuggle sack and take a few days off. Weather is gonna be crappy tomorrow anyhow.

bobbie said...

Ouch!!! Don't try to get back on it too soon! Sending healing thoughts ~

Candice said...

That SO sounds like something I would do. Sounds like you at least got some Vicodin out of the deal.

Ice, elevate, and for the love of God stop dancing! ;)

Feel better!

SmedRock said...

Or take up pole dancing. That way if you fall it is usually not on your ankles. :)

Get better and stay home, weather is gonna suck.

Candice said...

Pole dancing is fun and all but the chafing is a bitch. I want you to know that going into it in case you take Smedrocks advice. ;)

SmedRock said...

Wisdom Candice has.