Monday, February 01, 2010

Google Is Spying On Me!!

Some friends were looking up addresses on Google Earth. Where their parents lived, where they lived, etc. Out of curiosity, I told them my address and they plugged it in. There was my house, in all it's glory. Oprah sitting in the driveway, slowly working on the permanent oil stain she would leave to remember her by. Garage door wide open.

"Who's that in the front yard?" someone asked. I peered closer.

Ack!! At the same time the Google Earth Camera drove by, I happened to be doing yard work, right in front of the huge elm tree that shades my entire front yard. My ass for all the world to see.

I wonder if I can get them to come back and shoot a different picture. Preferably, one that didn't have me in it.


Candice said...

That's hilarious! Scary too.

me said...

Big brother is watching!! There oughta be a (HIPPA) law!
And thank heavens they didn't have this technology years ago when I was doing all my nude sun-bathing!!

Moose said...

A friend of mine was sitting in the back of a truck (break during work) with some coworkers when a Google maps car went by. He yelled, "Hey, it's a Google car, everyone wave!"

The image of on the site has him giving the car a big wave ... and the others all looking completely confused, like, "WTF are you talking about, whackjob?"

StorytellERdoc said...

LOL...too funny! I don't even want to look up and see what pics they have of us! LOL Funny post. Thanks