Thursday, February 18, 2010

The State of Health Care

With all the debates and stories and general wharrgarrbl concerning health care, has anyone bothered to notice that no one asks doctors and nurses what they think?? We're on the front lines, we have a better idea of the battlefield than some dickhole working at BendOverAndTakeItUpTheAss Insurance Co. Or even heads-up-their-asses politicians who don't have to worry about such things as copays and insurance caps.

In what could very well be one of my most favorite blogs, Dr. Grumpy posted this. Sickly Taxpayer isn't the only one who gets screwed over by the government.

The health care system is broken. I think it can be safely assumed that our government has no interest in fixing it. They have bigger fish to gay marriage.


Donna said...

I follow Dr. Kevin's blog, and he addresses this often. His blog has made me aware that being a doctor isn't always a walk in the park.

me said...

I saw this post of his and loved it...

PFL0W said...

"no one asks doctors and nurses what they think??"

excuse me?

you clearly don't listen to the local KCUR, KPR, or any NPR stations, then.

It's been mentioned and these people are interviewed, etc. Further, the Democrats and others of us who know the system is broken have asked these same people--doctors and nurses--to go to Washington and testify on this behalf.

And they have.

Yes, we have asked the doctors and nurses and other health care professionals what they think of the system.

One good assist this system could have gotten was a "single-payer" system, in which all 1300 separate insurance agencies in this country would have had only one form on which to do their work, instead of the 1300 we have now for each of them. Statistics show this would have saved us 350 billion dollars per year but this was given away by the White House, according to reporter Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine, early in the proceedings and negotiations.

If anyone can testify to the mess that is our health care system, it is the people working in it.

Mo Rage

crustybastard said...

The marriage issue is about realizing legal equality — the thousands of rights, benefits, privileges and immunities that are available to other citizens for a trivial marriage license fee.

That constellation of rights is not trivial.

Barring gay people from realizing the beneficial legal status of "married" puts partners and children outside not only the social safety net, but also generally excludes them from many of the employment benefits you take for granted.

Including health care.

So feel free to dismissively speak of other people's rights. Just know it makes you sound awfully petty — especially when it's tacked onto a "but what about what's good for my bank account?" post.

And for the record, Congress isn't doing a goddam thing to remedy the second-class citizenship of gay Americans.

GB, RN said...

Dude...I'm not against gay marriage.

You apparently are new to the blog...