Thursday, January 26, 2006

Million Little Pieces of Oprah

Oprah apologized today to all the bored housewives everywhere about James Frey's bullshit memoir book, "Million Little Pieces" . I'm sure even the people in China have heard the story. Frey writes this book about his addiction and all the bad things that happened to him, painting a picture (apparently using very broad strokes) of him not only a drug and alcohol addict, but a badass as well. Oprah endorses the book for her Book of the Month Cult, er, club...and the book becomes a best seller. The Smoking Gun does some research that discovers that a lot of events in the book that Frey describes is grossly exaggerated, or fabricated entirely.

It is safe to say, people are pissed.

Frey simply could have avoided this mess had he claimed his book as fiction, loosely based on certain events in his life. I think the general public would have accepted this. Lots of good writers create good works based on experiences in their own life. You write best about what you know.

At one point, the only people who would stand up for Frey were his really strange and seemingly psychotic mother, and Oprah. I still feel sorry for Larry King.

Oprah has now back-pedaled on her support, and issued Frey a finger wagging. I don't really think she is that sorry. I think what prompted this was the angry letters from her Bored Housewives Club. Her endorsement of Frey after the truth came to light was the same as saying that the truth doesn't really matter at all.

Way to be a pillar of light, Oprah Winfrey.

No, I really think she is sorry because in the end, the bottom line comes down to ratings and money. I don't think she cares two shits whether Frey lied in his book or not. I think she cares more that this experience left her with egg on her face. Whatever. I still don't like her. I still think that one celebrity having that much influence is a very bad thing.

It is safe to say that if/when I publish my own book, I will not be nominated for her little cult, I mean, club. That's fine with me.

I like Ellen better anyway.

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Mrs. McMitchell said...

I think Oprah should remind herself that it's ONLY A BOOK!

Sometimes I just wish she'd shut the hell up. It drives me crazy that she thinks she *that* important in everyone's lives.
I find more reasons to dislike her every single day.