Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My 100th post...and 10 Year Anniversary Stuff

I'm not married. The 10 year Anniversary thing is for Kathryn's kidney transplant. Ten years of free-flowing urine as a result of a medical miracle. Yay! We shall celebrate this monumental occasion by spending a week somewhere, celebrating.

The original thought was that we would all rent a house in Hitlon Head. It averaged to about $400 per person...but that didn't include food, and any activities outside the house. There's only so many card games you can play in one week.

Now, it looks like the tribe is leaning towards a cruise. I love cruises. They are the best fun. For just a little bit more moolah, you can spend a week on a cruise ship somewhere in the Caribbean, food included (not to mention having it prepared and served to you). Plus fun and games poolside on Lido deck.

We have a year plus to prepare. Here is the blog. And off we go!!

(Oh yeah...YAY for the 100th post! I really need to get a hobby or something...)

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