Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The New Night Shift Book Club

Move over, Oprah!

In my absence from work last night, the other nurses had an epiphany of brillance. Since we all like to read books for leisure, and we usually end up passing books around...why not have our own book club? This is the best idea I've heard in a while, and I am very excited.

Yeah, I'm a nerd. So, shut it.

Each month, a book will be selected. After we have all read it, we will get together for food, fun and festivities...and discuss the book. February's book will have something to do with love. As much as "February" and "love" make me want to barf right now, I'm still excited about the book club.

I was off last night, and went out with mom to dinner, then for a little shopping. I go back tonight. Hopefully, it won't suck. The last time I worked, a 400lb patient managed to fall out of bed, requiring 8 staff members to hoist said patient back into bed...and squishing one nurse in the process as she lost her balance and fell into the bed just as the patient was being lowered onto the bed...thereby having the 400lb patient laying on top of a nurse who maybe weighed 140lbs.

You do the math.

Sometimes, I think we deserve some sort of raise in pay. Hazard pay.

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