Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kid Rock = Sex Symbol?

It seems that you have truly not made it to the bigtime unless you have your own sex tape out. Paris Hilton, Pam and Tommy Lee, Pam and Brett, Colin Farrell, that fat guy from Motley Crue...

Now, the country will be treated to the sex tape of, gulp, Kid Rock and Scott Stapp. Not separate tapes...


With a tour bus full of groupies (whores).

Everyone together...1...2...3...BLLLLAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Kid Rock is now in court fighting the release of this tape by some business that is in the business of selling illicit sex tapes. I secretly think he is making such a big deal because he has a small penis.

I ask you...why would you make such a tape if you have no intention of no one ever seeing it...because you know, those things will always get out. The numerous tapes preceding should stand as witness to that.

And who the hell was holding the camera?!?

I also ask you...why in the hell would anyone pay money to see Kid Rock naked??? Hell, I would send money just to make certain he keeps his clothes on...and never procreates.

As for Stapp...well, what can we say for a guy who rose to fame initially in a Christian rock band? The same guy who only recently was arrested just before his honeymoon because he was being a drunken asshole at the airport. Stapp isn't making a big stink about the tape. He could be proud of his mangina, or he is too stupid to know any better.

Considering he was on a bus with a bunch of ho's and a naked Kid Rock, I'm inclined to believe in the latter.

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RCH said...

So, um.... Kid Rock and Scott Stapp, they were together, but each having sex with female groupies? Or they were *together* together with groupies in the general vicinity?

Not that I'd want to be anywhere near that tape, regardless, but the latter circumstance would at least make for more interesting scandal. ;-)