Saturday, February 11, 2006


In an effort to prove to the general masses that all nurses are consumed with their careers, my hospital has a committee for everything. The Uniform Committee, The Hospitality Committee, The Toilet Paper Committee. There is a committee to suit everyone's needs. We not only get the satisfaction of participating in decision making that affects our day-to-day employment, it also looks impressive on our job resumes.

I used to be on the Education Committee for my floor. Then, some crazy nurse took it over and became the Education Committee Gestapo. Collective interest in the education committee subsequently diminished to the point where the Nazi Nurse was running the entire show. She would come in early to offer an inservice on something she really didn't know a lot about, and we would devise ways of sneaking off the unit so she wouldn't catch us.

Another committe popped up, and for the longest time, no one really was interested in joining, myself included. I had a stroke of brilliance and emailed the bosshole...offering myself up for Committee B, if I could be released from the Education Committee. My request was granted, and I was given a new lease on life.

Until I found out that Nazi Nurse also recently signed up for the same committee as well. While my coworkers find great amusement in my misery, I am back to the drawing board, plotting a strategy that will enable me to have little contact with Nazi Nurse if all possible.

This isn't fair, and I feel this is a subtle war tactic from the bosshole. He is trying to show that he can be a bigger asshole than me. Of course, this is an impossible feat, to which all my coworkers will attest.

There can be only one...

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