Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday Blather

Friday...I finally got the tags renewed on the PT. They were due in October. Yes, I am a procrastinator.

Ask me about the newborn baby blanket I am crocheting for Peanut.

After that, I had to stop at Walmart for dog chews as Sam has taken a liking to chewing on my clothes when nothing else is available to him and the cat won't stand still. Some lady in a Honda gave me the finger...for making a turn while she was more than 50 feet away. I returned the favor by giving her a thumbs-up, smiling and waving. I've found that is much more effective at pissing people off than just flying the bird.

She was very animated about waving that bony little finger around.

Classy. But it is Walmart, after all.

I put a bag of garbage in the back of the car, with the intent of dropping it off at the dumpster on my way to work. Halfway to work, I remembered that I forgot to stop at the dumpster.

That's going to make for a nice-smelling car in the morning. Awesome.

Thank goodness for Febreeze.

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Kristine said...

Sooo...about that newborn baby blanket? Just thinking those words sounds divine: newborn baby blanket. Ahh. ;)