Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hump Day Blather

Today, I went shopping. I don't like shopping, but sometimes, you just have to buck up and do it.

I went to Zona Rosa, and they are already putting up the Christmas tree. Bastards. Can't they even wait until after Thanksgiving? In my house, we NEVER put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. Now, you see the Fat Man in Red jiggling around in July.

One holiday at a time, please!

I bought two pairs of jeans, two sweaters and some new underwear. Did I mention I love new socks and underwear? You'd think my underwear drawer would be overflowing, but it is not due to Sam always finding them and chewing holes in them. This is when they are CLEAN, and sometimes brand new if I carelessly toss the shopping bag somewhere.

Sam: The Panty Bandit


I've been reading the aftermath of the election. Props to Missouri for passing the stem cell measure, even if narrowly. I find it interesting that most everyone for the measure were "big city folk" and most everyone against it was "small town folk". Ironically enough, larger city hospitals will see the benefits of stem cell research long before the small community hospitals will, especially if those bigger hospitals also function as learning and research facilities.

I consider myself to be somewhat a conservative, but I don't go straight ticket...usually, I can be found straddling the fence. I find it very amusing that some Republicans cried themselves to sleep last night. And Rummy quit! Now, all we need is for Cheney's pacemaker to, uhh, stop working. I can tolerate Bush in the way people tolerate the short-bus kid screaming from the back of the classroom...he just can't help the way he is, but Cheney is a douchebag.

And Johnson County is all in a lather over their failed soccer thing. Meh...they make it sound as though all the youth will now turn to a life of crack and selling themselves to congressmen because they don't have soccer fields to play in. You folks really, really need to get a life...and a clue.


House Update: My lender just called to inform me she had to put my realtor in her place because she wanted to know about things well out of her scope. Financial folks are bound to confidentiality laws, similar to the medical information privacy laws I am bound to. I like my lender lady...she totally rocks. Too bad she lives so far away, otherwise, I would buy her a drink.

This also explains why my realtor was somewhat short with me on the phone. Whatever. I don't have to recommend her to anyone I know looking for a house...and I come in contact with more people than she does. Sure, I probably could fire her, but this would definitely push back my desired closing date. The plan is to be out of this shithole by the end of the month...finding a new realtor would certainly throw a wrench in those plans.

Who knew that buying a house could be so fraught with drama!!

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