Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Skeered

I think I am the last one on the planet who hasn't switched to the beta version of Blogger. I've read bad things about it, and I don't know if the hassle is worth it.

And I hate change.

Your thoughts??


Anonymous said...

Go for it! I switched and haven't had any problems.

Anonymous said...

I switched. The good news is, it was quick and relatively painless. Kinda like the first time you have sex. The annoyances are fairly minor. For instance, it seems there is a lower size limit on the pictures you can post. Not sure what it is and it really hasn't been an issue for me personally, but when Death's Door "flipped the switch" some of his pictures were replaced by empty boxes with little red x's in them.

There were also some add-ons that I had to re-add-on after the switch. But changing things like that on the new beta blogger is SOOOOO much easier that it wasn't a big deal at all.

I created some of my own problems. When I switched over, I took the opportunity to create a new yahoo mail ID and I use that one now exclusively for blogging. So, if I'm commenting on someone's blog and they are on the old blogger, I have to log in with my old ID. If they are on beta blogger, I have to use the new ID. And if I've typed up my comment before I've logged in, I have to copy it and save it because logging in wipes out everything I just wrote.

Bottom line, if you don't switch on your own at your schedule, eventually you will wake up one morning and be on the new blogger anyway. May as well do it under your own control where you can manage when and how you do it and back things up before hand, if you feel so inclined.

OK, like right now, I just typed all of this and I'm not logged in yet. So I have to select it all, ctl C before I log in so I can paste it back. Little things.

OH!! And another little bite outta my tukas. Everytime I log on it asks me if I want it to remember me. Everytime I say yes. It never fucking remembers me.

Doesn't exactly boost my self-esteem!