Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hump Day Blathering

I worked extra last night. I'm going to be working a lot of extra shifts. I have a new refrigerator to consider....and washer...and dryer....and a new living room set.

The night passed by slowly, so we had time to goof off with the new espresso maker one of the docs bought for us for early Christmas present. I'm the night shift coffee maid. I've become quite the proficient at steaming milk. It's good to know that in case this whole nursing thing doesn't pan out, I can always apply at my local Starbucks. I made lattes for everyone, including our RT for the evening. Paul was working, but declined for he was sick. Not sick in the "you're so pathetically cute looking I just want to take you home and mother you" kind of sick. It's the kind of sick where you don't want to be within 20 feet of the person, and the nicest thing you can think of doing is throw cans of chicken noodle soup at his head.

At any rate, he was working while wearing a mask. This morning, he was planning on going home and crawling into bed. I don't expect he will emerge from bed before Sunday.

I was so tired when I came home. I put on my comfy pj's and turned in. Two hours later, the lender rep calls. I answer the phone, sounding all bleary, and the first thing she asks is if I was sleeping.

No, I want to answer. I just got a hold of some bad crack.

She tells me that I have to bring x-amount of dollars to closing tomorrow, and it has to be in the form of a cashier's check. My realtor says they have been doing this for as long as she can remember. Apparently, some assclowns would write a check at closing, take possession of the house, then go out and cancel the check.

I know that I have an inservice all morning, and I know that I will have to cut this inservice short if I am going to make it to the realtor's office by 1pm. I know that my credit union is in the opposite direction of where I will be, and I am painfully aware that the weather sucks.

So, I get dressed, put on my warm winter coat, and furry scarf. Yes, it's made with real rabbit fur. Go to hell, PETA. The rabbits went well with tators and carrots...roasted.

I creep to the credit union, getting there just before they close. I get my cashier's check, not to mention a cool Norman Rockwell calendar for FREE! Then, I creep back home. Cursing the entire way that the lender lady woke me up, and made me go out into the crappy weather....risking life, limb and a $500 deductible for a $200 check. Damn her! I did ask her for her home number so I could call her at 1am tonight. She laughed at my joke. I wasn't joking.

Tonight, I made a frozen lasagna thingie from Stouffers. N-A-S-T-Y! I should know better than to trust frozen lasagna. You can only trust your own lasagna...and meatloaf.

I ended up having some nachos and cheese instead.

It's almost 9pm, and I am going to call it a night. I hope everyone is warm and safe. If you see a black PT Cruiser in a ditch, please pull me out...or call Triple A.


Mrs. McMitchell said...

Heather dear, you crack me up. Get lots of sleep and enjoy your new house, you lucky girl. BTW, do you have a place of honor for your peep to go? I think it would look nice in the fireplace. ;)

Heather said...

In the fireplace, or above it? lol

I have to give great thought and consideration. After all, a Peep can't nest just anywhere.

Marti said...

Stay safe in this ice storm!