Thursday, November 30, 2006

Adventures in Homebuying: Closing's official. I have signed my life away. I am now a homeowner.

Thursday morning, I had to go to an inservice about strokes. They fed us brunch, then kept us awake by telling us all about how an MRI works. It was riveting! I think I went into snooze mode in less than 6 seconds. I can't complain...I get four hours pay for going.

After that was finished, I hauled ass (carefully) to Raytown to the realtor's office, skating into the building (who knew their parking lot also doubled as a ice rink!) and signed my name (including middle initial) about 117 times. They show you what you will be paying if you pay the loan, in it's entirety, over the full 30 years. I damn near passed out from the shock. For that kind of money, I could live across the street from Kay "Where's Waldo" Barnes in Briarcliff.

My hand cramping, I finished and decided to stop by the new dwelling to have a poke around...alone.

I wandered around the house. My house. I'm still in disbelief that I actually did it. This was something I had always imagined myself doing after I got married, because that is what all the women in my family have done. I'm doing a lot of things that are firsts for my family: college degree, career, not married, buying a house on my own. I'm venturing into unfamiliar territory! It's exciting and scary all at the same time.

Now, everyone will get to read my adventures in Home Ownership. This should be fun, especially if the toilet explodes. Hopefully, I won't be sitting on it if it does.

After my little reflection period in the house, I drove back to the safe confines of Platte county. Snow had started to fall everywhere but there. I stopped by Lowes, fatty gift card in hand.

Ever have a moment where you have money to actually spend, but have no idea what you want to spend it on? That was me, wondering around Lowes. I did take note of the ceiling fan I want for the Great Room...and which colors for the Great Room, master bedroom and kitchen. I walked out of the store only buying a bottle of window washing fluid. And no, I didn't use the gift card for that (Paul already asked).

Incidentally, Paul is feeling better, so I won't have to pelt cans of chicken noodle soup at him. He was a bit fearful, he knows I don't throw like a girl.

It's now 2am. We still haven't got squat for snow...which is almost disappointing considering all the weathertards were making like it was the Storm of the Century. Well, some folks got a nice white blanket. We got the same seven flakes blowing around. I can only hope the roads are clear enough for me to get to work tomorrow night.

I'm going back to bed. It's freaking cold!


Kathryn said...

It was 68 here yesterday! Ha ha..have fun freezing your butte off!

Love you!

Kristine Filegirl said...


Xavier Onassis said...


Don't sit on that gift card too long. Check and make sure it's not one of those that loses value over time.

I'm serious. Spend it while ya got it baby!