Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blowing My Wad and Other Blather

Life without a kitchen is hard. Brother and I are living off of anything that either doesn't need to be cooked (i.e. bologna sandwiches), only needs to be reheated in the microwave, or whatever Mom happens to be cooking that night. We take advantage of that last one as often as we can.The original plan was to just keep the existing stove and replace it with what I wanted down the road. However, in the land of home improvement, once the old stove came out, a new one had to go in it's place if I was to get a new one at all.I've always loved the Maytag Gemini, ever since I first seen one at Kant's house. I've lusted for this oven for YEARS. However, I've always stopped short of buying one because I've balked at the price tag, not to mention I lived in an apartment until a year and a half ago. Paying well over a grand for an oven seemed silly when you could get a new oven that worked just as well for around $500. Granted, it wouldn't have the dual ovens, it would still bake you delicious homemade Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.

I've always gone by the mantra, "If you are going to go for it, go big, or go home." I figured that if I absolutely had to have an oven, I may as well get the one I want the first time around. However, Kansas City is home to a very awesome animal known as the Sears Outlet Warehouse. In this place, you'll find all new appliances, some discontinued, some with a scratch or ding here or there...all for drastically reduced rate. AND, they come with original warranties.

So it was at this magical place, that I found my dream oven. A black Maytag Gemini Dual Oven Smooth Cooking Surface (with five burners) Stove. Retail: $1400. What I paid: $800. They had three, so I picked out the one that had the least noticeable cosmetic flaw, which would be a tiny white scuff mark on the side, which will not even be visible once it's slid into the cubby that has been prepared for it's arrival.

The only downside to buying from Sears Outlet is that they don't deliver. So Mr. Recommendation has to go pick it up tomorrow.

While Mom and I were out and about, we stopped at this place to look for new cabinet pulls for the kitchen. The name of the store is Locks & Pulls. I, on the other hand, kept forgetting the name, so often referred to it as the "Pull My Knob" store. Yes, the sales clerk really liked that one. He said they were originally going to name the store "Knobs and Knockers", but thought they might attract the wrong kind of clientele.

What currently exists are these awful brass looking pulls that's supposed to look like a suitcase strap or something equally retarded (I can't understand why you'd want to switch those out! ~Jeff, Salesclerk). What I selected was just a plain black door pulls. I bought 30 of them, which only set me back $50. I had anticipated spending closer to $100.

As of now, the backer board is in place, and the counter top is currently sitting in the basement, waiting to be installed tomorrow. Sink, faucet, tile work will be done this weekend. Next week, we shall begin constructing the custom built island surface which will be extended an extra 10 inches so I can have a eat-in breakfast bar.
All I know is that if this no-cooking policy continues, Brother is going to suffer a breakdown due to lack of frozen pizzas.

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Suzanne Karmin said...

OMG! I used to have that EXACT oven and I loved it!!!! I'm jealous!!! With the double oven and the glass-top and everything!!! If you like to cook you will love this oven! Enjoy!