Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nurse Follies: Professional Courtesy

Brother borrowed the PT the other day and discovered I had a parking ticket wedged between the windshield wiper and the glass. Because it slid down past that black part of the windshield, not to mention I hadn't used my windshield wipers at that point, I hadn't discovered the ticket. The ticket was dated for the 28th of May, the day after my surgery. I remembered that I took some cupcakes in for Toph's last night on our floor. Yes, he's moving on to a larger dating pool, aka, the Emergency Room.

Naturally, I was pissed. I parked the car in front of the hospital because I was on crutches, and there was no way in hell I was going to park a mile away and try to gimp to the main building, while carrying cupcakes.

I guess I could try to speak with Barney Fife and Gang to see if they would rescind the ticket...but it's only for $20, and it seems like a lot of grovelling for $20. I could ask Legal Beagle to see what he can do about it, but I'm fairly confident that what I would be asked to do for payment is more than I'd be willing to do...at this time. Besides, Legal Beagle needs paying jobs...not hand ones.

I may call and speak with someone, but I'm sure it will go nowhere and I will ultimately have to pay the $20. I'll just make sure to remember that in the event Barney or any of his cronies have to be a patient on my floor. This is why it is in their best interest not to ticket nurses. The nurse you ticket today could be the same nurse putting in your catheter tomorrow. A moment of professional courtesy could mean the difference between something smaller than a pencil versus something the size of a garden hose...being shoved into your pee hole.

Police officers, generally, don't ticket nurses for this very reason. There are some who won't because they are married to nurses (it's pretty common), and they know their wives will kick them in the nuts or not put out for a while...or both. Yes, there are some pricks who ticket nurses (as Smo found out recently) because they either haven't heard the rule, or are one some sort of power trip. We're just waiting for the day when they are wheeled to our floor. Waiting.

I remember a while ago, I was at a friend's apartment getting ready for a church-sponsored singles Halloween party. I got some extra scrubs, some footies, hair caps, and stethoscope and we went dressed as, you guessed it, nurses (I was too lazy to be creative that day). While we were getting ready, I was telling my friend about this professional courtesy that existed, for the most part, and she called bullshit.

Fast forward to the end of the night when were are on our way home, my friend (Michelle) driving. She exits the highway and does a "California Rolling Stop", unaware that the county po-po was around the corner. A couple blocks away, and only right around the corner from Michelle's apartment complex, he pulls us over. Asks to see Michelle's license and asks, "You nurses?"

Now, I wasn't technically a nurse at the time. I was taking classes for school, and I worked as a nursing assistant at a hospital. I just nodded. Michelle, who was going to school to learn how to reupholster chairs in snooty fabric for people who have more dollars than sense, remains quiet.

At this time, Officer Friendly tells us his wife is a nurse and asks where we work. I tell him where I work (I didn't lie). Michelle still remains quiet. Officer Friendly and I chit-chat a little on where his wife works, what field she works in, blah, blah, blah. Finally, he says he's going to run the license, and he will be right back.

Minutes later, he returns and announces that Michelle's license has been revoked due to some issue with insurance papers(it all proved to be a filing error later). Coupled with driving without a licence (which she didn't know about at the time), failing to come to a complete stop, and speeding, Officer Friendly tells Michelle that by rights, he could arrest her and take her to jail.

"However," he says, "I won't do that to you because I don't ticket nurses, and my wife would kill me."

He gives Michelle back her license and sends us on our merry way. I wait until we are back at her apartment before I do my little "I told you so" dance.

So, if you are a cop, or are friends with one...please pass along this PSA: The nurse/medic/firefighter you ticket today, could be the person literally saving your ass tomorrow.

And we never forget a face. And we will tell ALL our friends.


meesha.v said...

Too bad the ticketing guy wasn't around when you came back, you could have assaulted him with the crutch and blamed it on drugs

Faith said...

I say it never hurts to at least call and explain. They might reverse it. And then you can spend that $20 on pizza and beer for me! (I would be happy to help with the cabinets. We even have a brand new hand sander I could bring along with me. I eat cheeseless pizza, though...)

bobbie said...

LOL!!! What is it with cops & nurses hooking up??? The uniforms?? Or because both have seen the worst in people?!

Melinda said...

Sometimes you scare me.

Rachel said...

That might be the best story I've heard this week! What do customer service representatives marry? I married a lumber yard guy. Is that normal? Am I normal? WHAT? I'M NOT NORMAL????? Yeah, I know.