Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Blather

Today, I went to the Fifth Circle of Hell for more voluntary torture. While I was waiting for my turn to be seen, I observed various goings-on around the gym area. The gym area, mostly frequented by the senior crowd, also has a little setup with tables and chairs. Sort of like a cafe. Today, I noticed a group sitting at one table, enjoying coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts. At a gym. When finished, some of them left, others went and worked out. After eating Krispy Kreme donuts. I wonder if that gym has a defibrillator...

I also got fitted for a knee brace to wear to work. Hopefully, I will notice a difference this weekend. It's kind of a bad ass looking brace, but no one will get to see it under my scrub pants. Darn!

Tonight, I spent the majority of the evening taking cabinet doors off their frames and sanding them. All the while, texting a computer-savvy friend as to why my computer sucks...and if it needs just some upgrades, or replaced entirely.

I still haven't figured out what to do with the hinges. I'm hoping to have an epiphany while I am at work.

They kept showing trailers on the television for Dark Knight. I get excited whenever I see one, and I don't care if it's a trailer I've seen a hundred times already. This is a movie I am most excited to see. Not only do I think it's going to blow all other summer releases out of the water, I'm thinking it will turn out to be the capstone of Heath Ledger's career. Just seeing him in clips as the Joker give me goose pimples. I haven't been this excited since just before the last Harry Potter book was released. If I was a guy, I totally would be sporting a boner.

Last night, I managed to paint the drawers and frame on the island. The doors are still waiting to be painted. I started out with a brush, and then tried one of the little foam rollers. I've decided those little foam rollers rock, and I will use them to paint the rest of the cabinets. I need to look at some sort of kitchen organizing stuff so my spice cupboard doesn't look like everything was just thrown in there...because it totally has been just thrown in there.

The final part of the kitchen project will take place next week. If anyone wants to come and help, I still pay handsomely in pizza and beer.

I'm sort of blah right now. This week hasn't been that great at Casa de Heather. I got a hunch on something pretty horrible and important at the same time. I'll blog more about it later as I see if my hunch was correct. You will know it to be true by the fire in my post, not to mention a nuclear explosion coming from the general vicinity of my house.

At any rate, I'm going to turn in early tonight. I have to conserve strength for that nuclear explosion.


Nuke said...

Well I am not QUITE sporting wood about how good the Dark Knight looks, I am pretty pumped. I though Bale was good last time, but what I have seen of Heath is almost spooky good!

bobbie said...

Just remember to BREATHE!!!

bobbie said...

And if it helps, I've got new pup pix up...