Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday's Musings

The weekend was unremarkable. I didn't have to work, and it was still unremarkable. I spent a majority of the weekend in a drug-induced stupor. Saturday night, I geared up for bed the way I usually do: take my pain meds, put on pj's, fill ice bag and strap it to my gimpy knee, go to bed.

I woke up later that night, sleeping in a big, ice cold wet spot. Further inspection would show that my ice bag gave up the ghost and emptied it's contents. The bandage on my knee was soaked, as was my pj's and the bed. So, at 2am, I had to get out of bed for damage control. Still tired, I just threw some towels on the bed, and slept on top of them. With the passing of my ice bag, I've resorted to using a bag of frozen peas.

So if you ever are in need of an ice pack and don't have a proper one, use frozen veggies.

This afternoon, I had lunch with Indy (at his passive insistence) while his car was getting serviced. When Mr. Recommendation came home, we went to Home Depot and I bought a new sink (black granite), new faucet (brushed nickel), and various parts that will go to the plumbing below. Today's visit, I spent just under $500. We have a plan for a custom built island, and I've decided on the counter tops and tile for the back splash. I haven't even purchased supplies for that yet. Demolition to the kitchen will resume by the weekend. I'm really, REALLY stoked. Except about the painting. I'm still burned out from all the painting I did when I first bought the house. However, for the kitchen to be complete, the cabinets must be painted.

Anyone handy with a paintbrush??? I pay in pizza and beer.

On a side note, my conversations with Legal Beagle are becoming more and more, uhh, scandalous. I really need to be a good girl. With him, I can't seem to help it. He brings out the best/worst in me. Take your pick.

Someone needs to come and save me from myself.


Rachel said...

I'm excited to hear about your home improvements. Keep us posted!

Spyder said...

HATE wet spots! Yea on new kitchen!!!