Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday Blather

I went to my follow-up visit with the ortho doc today. One of his nurses got out the suture removal kit to take out the stitches in my knee. The first one she pulled hurt like a bitch, and I seriously thought about kicking her in the head. She sheepishly said sorry and tried a different technique for pulling out the others. They didn't hurt at all.

Doc explained what was wrong with my knee...something about my patella being out of place and messing everything up for the other knee components. Damn patella. He said the swelling (which is HUGE) should go down in three months. So much for continuing my career as a leg model this summer.

This afternoon, Mr. Recommendation, Mom, and myself went to Home Depot to survey their tile offerings, only to find out they really don't have much to offer. So, we went down the road to Lowes, where the selection was much better. I settled on a nice beige tile in two different sizes, a couple accent tiles, and the crap you use to put tile in place. And because I was getting 10% off my purchase, I went ahead and bought a bamboo framed mirror for the master bath (because I'm keeping with the Asian theme).

So far, I've spent roughly $800 for materials for the kitchen. Whatever tile I don't use, I will be using for the bathrooms. Beige is aesthetically pleasing, especially when you are trying to take a poop.

On Thursday, we will be going back to pick up the counter slabs and some lumber for trim, and the big kitchen project will commence this weekend. I'm not sure how much help I will be, but I will be doing the cabinet work (and Faith, I'm totally taking you up on your offer).

I will be taking pictures as we go along. Expect a small pictorial when we are finished.

Tonight, I engaged in a time-honored tradition of Pork Chop Tuesday. What is PCT, you might ask? Well, it all started when Kant lived here and every Tuesday, she would make pork chops, usually with rice, and mushroom soup gravy. Everyone else would come over and bring a side dish. She did this practically every week.

I'm not as consistent as her, so I host PCT once a quarter, or something like that. I had bought a crap-ton of pork chops and needed to use them. So, we had pork chops (so tender they were falling off the bone), the obligatory cream of mushroom soup gravy, sweet corn on the cob, fresh melon, and rolls. I bought this organic multi-grain rice at Costco, so I used that. The rice was good, but I think for PCT, I will just stick to plain white rice.

I've spent the rest of the evening watching the storm and listening to my ipod. Metallica (pre-St. Anger) and lightening storms are the best ever. Ever.

Now, the pain meds are kicking in. I'm going to bed to rest up for more exciting adventures, much like today's. If life gets any more exciting than this, I don't know what I will do.


RDM said...

You and I sound alot alike. I got my tile from Lowes. I need to head back to get some 18inch ones for the bathroom floor and to pick out vanity top. I've strung this along too long. Good luck with your knee, the rehab, and the home improvement.

bobbie said...

Wish I were closer; I'd come help and bring Seamus to meet Hank!!
ps ~ new pix up...

Rachel said...

Wow, even *I* enjoy beige when I poop! Small world, huh?

Faith said...

I got nothing going on this Saturday. Send me an email/gimme a call and let me know what's what.