Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Thoughts on Oprah

I've never really cared much for Oprah, and it has not been much of a secret with friends. Any one celebrity who has that much influence over so many people (religious figures excluded), can't be a good thing. Sure, she does bring light to topics that people should know more about, but I can't help but get the nagging feeling that no matter what, "It's all about Oprah."

I was working my 4th shift last night (I was talked into coming in extra. Damn Katie and her guilt trips!) When one of the nurses, who has a known affinity for the finer (and more expensive) things in life, was talking about a pair of UGG boots she purchased. She kept referring about seeing them on Oprah's Christmas List. So, I took the liberty of looking of said list.

Popcorn tin with popcorn: $117
Burberry coat: $690
Burberry Purse: $695
UGG Boots: $180
iPOD: $299
Ralph Lauren (ugly) Sweater: $498
Colored pants: $160 (for the cheapest pair)
Brownies from Geneva: $25
Bathrobe: $150
Sony Notebook: $1500

Oh. My. God. I know that out there, in this vast country, there is some woman...who probably doesn't pull down the kind of money Oprah does, who is DESPERATE to buy all these things (plus a few others I didn't mention) because they are Oprah's Favorite Things. Somewhere out there, a woman is going to go into hock because she has to own these things, so she can be in the "Oprah In-Club" and be the envy of all the bored housewives on her block. Somewhere out there, a woman is relaxing in her recliner in a pair of UGGs, while watching Oprah on tv, in the comfort of her mobile home...knowing that something else was forsaken for the boots (the electric bill, perhaps?).

For some women, it's all about WWOD...What Would Oprah Do. A modern day false prophet.

If Oprah said she gave herself coffee enemas everyday and pooped on her dog because it made her feel pretty, coffee would start flying off the shelves, and dog groomers would have to hire extra help to manage the surge in appointments.

Like I said, one celebrity having that much influence cannot be a good thing.

Oprah is the AntiChrist...and Dr. Phil is her minion.

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