Thursday, December 08, 2005

The White Shroud Still Cometh

Here at work...almost 1am. I looked out the window and was dismayed to see fat flakes falling from the sky. The Gay Weatherman says we could have up to ten inches by morning. That should make getting home a real treat. Getting to work was an adventure unto itself. I left early, skipped my stop to Starbucks, and a drive that only takes about 15 minutes, took me almost an hour, but the PT pulled through like a little trooper.

Funny thing about Midwest people...they can't drive worth crap in snow, especially those beady-eyed soccer mom's who drive the great big SUVs. (My philosophy is that if you can't change the tire on it, you shouldn't be driving it.) One big problem with folks who have SUV's with 4 wheel drive, they go tearing down the highway like they are racing for the checkered flag. Four-wheel drive works great in snow, but doesn't help you stop any faster on ice...which is what happens to be laying under the white menace. Oddly enough, driving in snow isn't really that bad, and sometimes can be a relaxing's the other tards who have to go and mess it up.

Midway to work, I noticed a Ford Explorer bobbing in and out of lanes, just sort of making up their own. It wasn't until I passed that I realized it was a woman on her cell phone. HELLO!!!! It's 11 degrees outside, snowing, traffic is about as bad as you can get with cars sliding everywhere, and you HAVE to be on your cell phone while on an Interstate??

Was it wrong for me to hope she would put her vehicle in a ditch? Without injury, of course...

Any highway going north was a parking lot. I saw people making U-turns in the middle of the interstate and go the opposite direction on an entrance ramp. The news later reported that folks were stuck on I-35 for 4 hours. Four HOURS!! I think at some point, I would have just parked the car on the side of the road and walked to the nearest hotel. You always have to wonder about who's at the very front of a traffic jam...they need to have their asses kicked.

I made it work without incident. The day nurses seemed more concerned about all the night people making it in so they could leave, instead of just us making it to work in one piece. Bastards...I hope they got stuck in traffic as well. We've already had 2 call-ins for tomorrow. If staffing isn't covered, we are expected to stay over until staffing can be found. They can kiss my ass if they think I am going to stay over. I left early and made it in...and I drive a glorified golf cart!!

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Kathryn said...

Driving home totally sucked..I stayed up here around work until about 8pm..went to dinner etc so I wouldn't have to drive home with the crazies. Once I got to Fairfax it was fine. But it was butt cold and I hate the snow anyway. I feel your pain sista.