Wednesday, December 07, 2005

That's IT! I'm fleeing South!!!

I drove home in the butt-cold weather with the same 12 snowflakes blowing around. Everyone on the radio was talking about the snow. When I woke up this afternoon, the entire KC has been covered with the white shroud, and sounds like it will continue to come down until late this evening. Great. I still have to go to work tonight. The drive should be interesting.

It's not even fun snow. It's not wet, it doesn't pack well. It's just dry, and so cold that someone from Colorado would whine like a little bitch if they had to stand in it for any extended period of time. I should know...I'm from Colorado!

Now, I've got the Caribbean on my mind. Warm ocean air, soft sand under my feet, turquoise waters, frou-frou drinks, the smell of coconut oil, the sun on your bare shoulders, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, steel drums...ahhhhhh.

But nooooo....I'm stuck in snowy hell!!! I've got to get to the sun. Anyone care to join me??

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