Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How About A Warm Glass of Shut the Hell Up?

It's only been a couple days since Hannah Montana sold out her KC show within minutes, and parents around the metro are still bitching. Bitching because after promising their little ankle-biters they would have tickets to see a fictional character from a Disney show, they can't deliver the goods because said tickets were sold out within minutes of going on sale. Bitching because now they have to see the disappointment on the faces of their dear, spoiled little poopsies! A recent search of the message boards on the KC Star's site, reveal little pearls such as:

I, too, tried to purchase Hannah Montana tickets via Ticketmaster beginning
at 10:00 am, with no luck. My daughter is heartbroken!

I think that it is ridiculous that parents can't get tickets. My daughter is
11 and still doesn't understand why I couldn't get her tickets so I look like
the bad guy.

My daughter was in tears on Saturday when we could not purchase a ticket to
the Hannah Montana concert.

My granddaughters birthday is Friday, she will 9, I promised her for her
birthday that I would get her Hannah Montana tickets, my son was on the computer
at 9:58 and my daughter-in-law was at the Hen House on College, I was at the one
in Merriam, needless to say we never got tickets so somehow when Vanessa opens
her presents on Friday I will have to explain to her how Grandma couldn't get
tickets because people are so greedy to make a profit!! What is going on in this

My daughter is a huge fan she just had a Hanna Montana b-day party have told
her for months i would take her when she came to KC.I figured the tickets would
go that fast.But i no that someone purchased this tickets to make money. It is
not fare to our children to suffer for some one being selfish and greedy.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You people make it sound like someone snuck into your house in the middle of the night and stole everyone's left kidney.

Perhaps the more appropriate response of parents would be to have initially told their children, "It would be nice to go, and I will try to get the tickets. However, there is a good chance we might not be able to get them." Upon not getting them, it could be a lesson learned that you don't always get everything you want in life, even if it was promised to you.

You know there will be no lesson learned from this. Parents, after much whining and complaining, will end up shelling out obscene amounts of money for a children's concert because today's parents are nothing more than a bunch of pussies, turning their children into America's next generation of candyasses so that all foreign countries can loathe and despise.

Was there really this much hysteria when Barney came to town??

Parents are crying en masse. Call your congressman! Boycott the Sprint Center!! You know various elected officials will puff out their chests and make grandstanding gestures promising to get to the bottom of the evil, corrupt individuals who are undermining the American way of life and making little children cry. Meanwhile, people who still have functioning brain cells, are left to roll their eyes and wonder why such an effort isn't being directed to tackle real problems.

This isn't a ticket broker issue. This is the issue of a supply from a little arena not able to meet the demands of thousands of coddling parents. If you figure that by buying 4 tickets each, roughly 4500 people will be able to buy tickets. Hannah Montana in the Midwest will only include Omaha, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Considering that people from all over the Midwest will be competing for these tickets, do people really think that a majority of those who actually get tickets will be from the Kansas City area? Or do they think that only Kansas City residents should be entitled to the tickets because the Sprint Center happens to be in our town?

Dumbasses. Why don't you guys take a course in economics?

I don't recall so many people whining and crying when Elton John sold out.

Grow up! Even better, take your children to the museum.


Mark said...

I guess what I don't understand is this group's aversion to making money. If I had a show that literally sold out in seconds, I think I would figure out a way to add another show. Or two or three.

Brad said...

Dead on. Perfectly put.

Kirsten said...

Oh, people whined when EJ sold out too but most chalked it up to being the inagural concert at the new arena. The thing that makes me mad is people are blaming the Sprint Center, when in fact, it's a ticketmaster issue. Also, apparently this girl is selling out concerts instaneaoulsy (sp) everywhere she goes. Also, I heard tale that her stage is HUGE which takes up a big chunk of floor that could otherwise be used for seats. Either way, I'm tired of this being the biggest news story in town.

Keith Sader said...

I love parents who whine that they can't buy their kids luxuries, really I do.

Wahhh, my child is fed, healthy, and not likely to be shot - PITY ME!!!!!

Faith said...

"You people make it sound like someone snuck into your house in the middle of the night and stole everyone's left kidney."

HA! I don't remember having ANYTHING like this when I was a major huge singer/star that I simply HAD to see or I would diiiieeee.

But maybe that's because I grew up in the era of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, and lived in a remote area of San Bernardino where our parents were just trying their best to keep us all from becoming pregnant alcoholics before we turned 15. I dunno.

But I'm with Kirsten...tired to DEATH of this story. (But loved your perspective on it, Heather. You funny...)

Janet said...

This is a story?

I'm not turning my kids into candyasses, that's for sure. I never promise them anything, if I get it, it's a surprise! Otherwise, fugetaboutit.

and the spelling! no is spelled KNOW used in that context! grrrr.

thepaintman said...

Wow, Mark is right. Show promoters usually will go an extra day if the show is sold out.
In this case. Not. They probably have her booked up for this year.
You can take your grand-daughter to see the Newsboys on Oct 6 at the Municipal.

Nightmare said...

Too much Anger..can't type.

Xavier Onassis said...

"HA! I don't remember having ANYTHING like this when I was a major huge singer/star that I simply HAD to see or I would diiiieeee."

I remember when Elvis came to town.

No, not Grbac. Presley. Elvis Fucking Presley. But he was charging $15.00 for tickets, which was outrageous, so I symbolically told him to go fuck himself by boycotting the concert.

Guess I showed him! Fucker!

Heather said...

The HM tour kicks off on Oct 18 and tour ends Jan 7. She has 42 concerts in between. Miley Cyrus is only 14.

Just thought I would share that interesting tidbit of info.

emawkc said...

Who the fuck is Hannah Montana?!?!

Well Hell Michelle said...

I checked to see what one of the big online ticket resellers is charging... I was guessing around 200 bucks. But no, the upper, upper seats are $250+, while the seats in the front are starting at a grand and go up to 2600 bucks!