Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Blatherings

Today, I have a shit ton of laundry to do. And when I say shit ton, I mean a shit ton. I will be doing laundry all day. How did I end up with so much clothing??

Yesterday, the repairman stopped by and installed a new heating element for the oven, and it worked. I was immediately disappointed because I was hoping he would tell me that the oven needed to be replaced. Maybe next time.

I just found out that a friend I've known for years has went and done the very thing I've heard him lament about doing for the past, what, 13 years or so. He moved to Vegas. Those who know me from way back when, should suddenly know who I am talking about, because chances are good that he whined to you about moving to Vegas as well. I'm here to say, he finally did it. Cut those apron strings, gave notice to the commissary at Ft. Leavenworth, and made the move.

Shocking! I wonder how long it will take for him to lament his move and come back. I hear that while visiting is great, actually living in Las Vegas sucks.

Yesterday, I went with Trish to this little Chinese place in Gladstone. In a strip mall, smaller than a Taco Bell, only open for two years. Best Chinese Food Ever!!! I don't remember the name, but it was on North Oak. Maybe Nightmare knows the name...Kam something-or-other.

It feels like autumn outside. So much, that I made a big pot of chili. Brother thought it was fine chili, winning his patented seal of approval: "good enough to make a turd". You know it's good when he says that. Of course it's good chili, I'm the supreme mast of chili. But then, can you really mess up chili??? Beans, beef, seasonings, misc...sometimes you can add nachos, Fritos, cheese or other stuff. Brother has to ruin it by eating it with peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. ~shudder~

Now, I must go and do what I've been putting off all week. Laundry.


"The D" said...

My brother-in-law puts chili powder on his chili. BLE!!

I like mine with so many saltine crackers that I can eat it with a fork.

Jennifer & Jesse said...

Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.

You'd think the universe wouldn't allow for something like that to happen....kinda like when you try to put the two wrong sides of a magnet together. I mean, that seems so fucked up in so many ways, my mind is beyond boggled.

I can see how the bread and the cheese go with the chili, though. But the peanut butter part?

Ok, what kind of cheese? Because maybe I need to give this a go, even if it would be with soy cheese and not cheese-cheese, which might fuck the whole thing up. I'm just so intrigued!

Heather said...

Just regular peanut butter and regular Kraft sliced cheese. He's not the only dad used to eat chili the same way.

Melinda said...

You never know how many clothes you have until you pack them all up in bins and realize that out of 35 or so, a good 12 or 14 are strictly items of clothing.

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