Friday, September 14, 2007

In Case This Whole Nursing Thing Doesn't Work Out...

I totally plundered this from Spyder.

1. Director of Photography

2. Professor I can teach you a lesson or two.

3. Occupational Therapist I'll pass...

4. Foreign Language Instructor I can teach you Japanese or Russian.

5. ESL Teacher I can also teach you English.

6. Criminologist Sounds like fun, I think.

7. Lawyer I'm already an asshole. This job might be a perfect fit for me.

8. Criminal Lawyer Only if I get to prosecute.

9. Civil Litigator Civil cases make my ass twitch.

10. Judge Now you're talkin! Do I have to wear anything under the robe?

11. Computer Trainer Ugh...I can't even get my computer to work right on most days.

12. Actor I can act like I care.

13. Director I can tell Lindsay Lohan she's a crappy actress.

14. Public Health Nurse Now every Tom, Dick, and Harry can tell me all about their testicles.

15. Anthropologist Because everyone should own their own monkey skeleton.

16. Personal Financial Planner This is laughable. My budgeting skills would make Suze Orman cringe.

17. Driving Instructor This is a nervous breakdown just begging to happen.

18. Marine Biologist Studying plankton!!

19. Political Aide Seeing how most politicians are stupid, and I loathe stupid people...I don't think this would be a good fit.

20. Casting Director Does it come with a couch?

21. Activist If it involves not bathing and not shaving my legs or armpits, count me out!

22. Corporate Trainer Is it good for the company?

23. Comedian Kathy Griffin already has making fun of celebrities cornered.

24. Musician I used to play drums in high school. I used to play them well. Know anyone who needs a tubby, blonde drummer?

25. Critic The afterbirth of the artist!!

26. Market Research Analyst Sounds boring.

27. Print Journalist Because everyone wants to be like Jenee Oster-whatever her name is.

28. Writer Already got that covered...

29. Composer I suppose I could compose drum beats or something.

30. Translator Translate Stupid to English?

31. Zoologist What could be better than watching animals all day?

32. Taxidermist And stuffing them before I go to bed.

33. Special Effects Technician I could be that person who makes the crunching footstep noises.

34. Producer I could produce cheesey gameshows.

35. Public Relations Specialist Spin doctor!

36. Public Policy Analyst Zzzzzz

37. Communications Specialist Isn't this just a fancy name for a college degree that is completely useless??

38. Paralegal Hell, if I'm going to be a lawyer, why bother with paralegal??

39. Legal Secretary See above.

40. Court Clerk I've seen court clerks. They are not too friendly...nor bright.

You can go take it too:
1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results ( Or like me what ever you you want)

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IDigSmartLadies said...

It appears I should be a mechanic or an engineer. Happily, I'm a developer, and love what I do for a living. I get paid an obscene amount of money, especially considering how much I like my work, but I do honestly like my job. That makes getting out of bed each morning pretty easy for me.

1. Agricultural Engineer
2. Mechanical Engineering Tech
3. Petroleum Engineer
4. Chemical Engineer
5. Biological Tech
6. Mechanical Engineer
7. Aerospace Engineer
8. Biomedical Engineer
9. Small Engine Mechanic
10. Electronics Repairer
11. Engineering Tech
12. Aircraft Mechanic
13. Motorcycle Mechanic
14. Diesel Mechanic
15. Automobile Mechanic
16. Appliance Repairer
17. Mining Engineer
18. Computer Engineer
19. Electrical Engineer
20. Materials / Metallurgical Engineer