Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday Blather

So, I still haven't found a tree. Thursday morning, I got up, grabbed the keys to Oprah and away I went. It's been a while since I last drove Oprah, and that was before Brother dropped a new super-charged engine and transmission into it. I backed out of the driveway, put it in drive, and lightly pressed the gas. I think I ended up in Arrowhead parking lot before I realized it happened.

Oprah has gotten quite peppy with her makeover. This is definitely not the cold-hearted heifer I drove during my nursing school days.

I went to a couple local places that had pre-cut Christmas trees. Ordinarily, I prefer to go cut my own, but anytime I asked Brother to go and help with the task, he merely exclaims, "Christmas sucks!" before going to the bathroom to homestead on the toilet.

Anyway, I looked over what the pre-cut tree places had to offer. I have fairly tall ceilings in my living room, so I wanted a fairly tall tree. I figured 7-8 feet would work, but pre-cut people wanted a minimum of $60 for a 6 foot tree. Whatever! I refuse to pay that much money for something I'm going to use as kindling this time next year.

I contemplated buying a fake tree, but scoffed at that notion because that goes against my buy-it-after-Christmas philosophy.

I've got a few other options, and I still have a week or so.

Now, I'm working. Dinner wasn't that great at home (because I wasn't really hungry). That changed by the time I stopped by Quick Trip on my way to work, and I bought one of their corn dogs sans the stick.

If you get anything out of reading this blog, let it be that you never, ever eat a corn dog from Quick Trip. It was horrible. HORRIBLE!! Good thing they were only $.99, or I would have been really pissed.


Midtown Miscreant said...

Stay away from the QT eggrolls, they are like cardboard stuffed with lawn clippings.

Spyder said...

At QT I'm more of a donut & coffee person.

JustCara said...

Sonic corndogs. End of story.

Melinda said...

Like the Christmasy colors of the blog.

Make your own tree. I currently have three made out of construction paper in my apartment, complete with lights, a star and presents underneath.

"The D" said...

The sap will drain out of the tree and ruin your carpet. I don't put up a tree I put lights on the house. Which I will do today DURING the ice storm.

meesha.v said...

I never tried any food item at QT. There are other places that actually specialize in food. A also never tried any frozen dinner in the box,ever. So I am not an expert.

Well Hell Michelle said...

Those QT corndogs are crap! And having no stick takes all the fun out of eating a corndog anyway.