Sunday, December 23, 2007


I got this meme idea from Spyder, then XO did it. So, you know I had to jump on that wagon.

Rules: Paste the first line of your first post for each month, starting with January 2007.

January: Forgive my tardiness in blogging. I assembled my computer this week, only to find that the modem crapped out somewhere between the apartment and the house..

February: I was unable to go out and run any errands yesterday due to crappy streets, which forced me to engage in a sort of scramble today.

March: What. The. Hell.

April: After a two-hour long spiel from the water softener guy who came to my house (I did end up buying a system, in case you were wondering), I skimmed through the channels to see what was on.

May: My friend, Woody, came over this evening because he wanted to mow the yard.

June: By the new Walmart, they have been building some new stuff.

July: Yes, I went to the blogger meet up.

August: After Sam woke me up (little fuzzy bastard), I called my friend Trish, who suggested we go have lunch because I was planning on being in the Northland today anyway.

September: Friday night, we ordered Chinese take-out.

October: I thought I would start this Monday Musings because I usually have a bunch of random thoughts throughout the weekend, but usually don't have the time or the energy to sit down and actually write a full blown post about each and every little thing.

November: Initially, I didn't get any trick or treaters.

December: While I was in the shower, Lucy decided to snack on one of my work clogs.

In reading all these, it sounds like I have a very boring blog.

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