Sunday, December 09, 2007

Glad I Don't Live in JoCo

I don't usually watch local news because it's usually a joke. However, Brother had the tv turned to local station and I didn't have the strength to change the channel on the remote. Instead of Katie Horner screaming doomsday, as I expected, the lead story is that of Kansas AG Paul Morrison coming under fire for having an affair with a subordinate.

Men are cads and cheat on their spouses. So this is not news. The part that I found interesting is the details. Paul and his own, ahem, Special Friend, were going at it like hamsters in every nook and cranny in that courthouse. This same courthouse where defendants of morality gather to protect our eternal salvation from questionable Halloween costumes.

I find it hard to swallow (pun definitely intended) that this Linda was sexually harassed. Maybe she calls it that because "skanky whore" isn't available. She's probably pissed because Morrison gave her a crappy engagement ring. Not to mention he never left his wife.

Here's hoping that Paul's wife drops his ass like a heavy turd after a chili dinner.

Next time I hear the righteous wind coming from the Kansas border, I'll know it's just a fart.


Midtown Miscreant said...

Best post Ive read on the subject. All the others are filled with righteous indignation on one side or the other. No doubt Phil Kline would be dancing a jig right now, if his religion didnt forbid dancing.

Nightmare said...

I think the sexual harassment charge comes from Phil wanting her to use her new job to dig dirt from him and him using the ol "My cock was so great you'll do anything I want " he has his nuts in a blender.

Personally I'd do nothing to he any different then Clinton? And Why are men the cheats and cads? If we were the only ones doing it it would be a GAY thing and not involve women at all.

Ambitious Fledgling said...

You have a hilarious blog! I especially love your headline "Enjoying fried egg sandwiches, relationships that don't go anywhere, and the company of bitter friends." lol Can I borrow that? lol