Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday Blather

I was working this weekend with my orientee, and everyone was all in a lather about the impending storm. I asked my orientee if she had ever been witness to one of our ice storms (because she is not from the area). When she said no, I told her about the big storm we had a few years back that left people without electricity for a couple of weeks. I think my orientee damn near soiled herself.

All in all, I thought the ice storm was pretty pud, which worked out for Brother because he never got around to buying sandbags for Oprah. Sure, we got the ice, but then the rain came, the temps rose, and the ice started melting. Of note, I have a big tree in the back yard that has a branch that now hangs three feet from the ground when it used to be eight feet.

I'm sick...AGAIN. It started Saturday when I went to work. I felt kind of blah, but I just attributed it to the weather. However, temperature watch revealed mine going higher and higher as the night progressed. The charge nurse called the nursing supervisor to tell her they had a sick nurse that needed to go home (me). This particular nursing supervisor is a big, fat sow that everyone in the entire hospital loathes gleefully tells my charge that there is no one available to replace me, and we were SOL.

Bitch. No wonder she's single and no one wants to have sex with her.

Anyway, I had to stay and finish out my shift. Coughing, fever-running, miserable, light-headed, and borderline hostile. Ironically enough, crotchety old supervisor never reared her ugly head on my floor...which worked out for her because I would have coughed on her and wiped my hands on her lab coat straight away.

By morning, it was decided I would not be returning to work Sunday night. Not to mention there were about half a dozen nurses who were paranoid that they had caught whatever I had.

So, I've been home since then. Me and good old Theraflu. I don't know about Nyquil and the Green Coma, but this Theraflu is pretty good stuff! It even makes you feel warm on the inside after you drink some. However, it tastes nothing like cherries. Sadly, I just ran out today, so I will probably have to venture outside tomorrow to go buy more.

I don't feel nearly as crappy as I did Sunday, but my ears are still full of fluid. If I turn my head too fast, I get dizzy and I have to sit down.

Being sick sucks ass. It seems I was just sick. I think I caught this bug when my immune system was still weakened from the last one.

I'm still treeless...but I figure I have time to put something up for next week's Christmas party. Maybe I can hang some ornaments on one of my potted plants...


Midtown Miscreant said...

hope you get to feeling better. I tried that lemon theraflu once, it was horrible, Ill stick to nyquill, equally bad tasting but less to get down.

Midtown Miscreant said...

On the tree conundrum, Id suggest Big Lots on 80 something Wornall, they have cheap albiet cheesy trees in a wide spectrum of colors, including pink, purple , red and the traditional green. they are cheap, short and already strung with lights. I pull mine out of storage , ornaments still attached, tree is up and done in a matter of minutes. Then again my entire apartment looks like it was personally decorated by stevie wonder.

Melinda said...

Last year, Wal Mart had a little fiber optic tree that you can put on a table. Very cute, and I enjoyed it a lot. I wonder if it'll work next year...

I used to swear by the Alka Seltzer stuff, but I couldn't gag it down anymore. Theraflu can be good if you get the right flavors, but then again, if you're sick, chances are you can't taste it anyway. Feel better soon.