Wednesday, October 22, 2008

At the Eye Doctor

Today I took Mom to another eye appointment. We met with a different doctor, one who will actually be doing the surgery. I was pleasantly surprised that he had a better bedside manner than Dr. Muppet. And he was not-to-ugly. I'd put him on my to-do list.

What can I say? I have a certain weakness for brunettes.

As he was talking with Mom, he was typing out some stuff in her file. He's one of those who types only using his index fingers. Not once did he look up at the computer screen. I thought it odd and amusing at the same time. I can't imagine having to type like that.

Apparently, Mom noticed it as well.

"You're one of the fastest hunt-and-peckers I've ever seen!!!"

I'm sure he gets that all the time...


Xavier Onassis said...

As a fellow "hunt and peck" typist, I have to share this story.

When I was a telemarketing rep at AT&T we were subject to "side-by-side" monitoring where our boss sat next to us, plugged into our phone, listened to our calls and took notes.

That was 20 years ago. The technology for that sort of thing is MUCH MORE intrusive now.

But I digress.

My supervisor had just finished monitoring my co-worker, Victor Ramirez. He also was a "hunt and peck" typist.

After observing me for a while, my supervisor made the following observation...

"Oh! I see you and Victor are both peckers!"

Faith said...

I'm a hunt & pecker. I can type without looking at the keyboard very often though. And I use both my index AND middle fingers. Because I'm awesome.

How does he know if he's making mistakes or not if he never looks at the screen? That's silliness.