Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something Wrotten in Whoville

Instead of the alarm, I woke up to a shrieking child. I ignored it and fell back asleep.

When I finally did wake up, I went downstairs to see the house vacant.


The kitchen was clean, dishes done, house smelling like a pine forest.

There was a can of formula on the counter, with something that looks like it belongs on a baby bottle.. Veggie Tales were playing on the television.

I heard whining coming from the back yard, and discovered a third dog, much smaller than Sam and Hank, sitting with the other two. He had been the one who was whining.

What. The. Hell???


Rachel said...

LOL! Another dog???

Midtown Miscreant said...

Maybe your redneck brother borrowed a kid and dog, planted them at your house, just to see how you do with kids? Just in case you end up with peanut and sneakers. Or your other brother got lucky and she forgot her kid and dog. The forgetting the kid part I can understand, but what kind of person would leave their dog with a stranger.

Midtown Miscreant said...

and check the dog house, thats probably where the kid is stashed.

Faith said...

Ok, seriously, are you gonna explain this? The extra dog in the backyard is odd, but understandable in lots of ways.

But the formula, and the Veggie Tales? WTF?

bobbie said...

A weiner dog???