Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today, Mr. Recommendation got the rest of the afternoon off and offered to take me to some place that sells builders supplies for cheap. Apparently, a lot of contractors go there.

So, we went and looked around. I made note of what they had, and made a note to take measurements of my bathroom when I got home and figure out what colors I wanted for vanities and such.

After that, he drove around the corner to some warehouse place, sort of like Cargo Largo. We wandered around. Most of the time, you don't really find anything in places like this, but once in a while, you strike gold. Now was not a miners paradise.

However, we came across a bright red coffin with chrome, uhh, fixtures. It had a huge dent on the top and was marked down to $500. We initially thought it was some sort of Halloween decoration until Mr. Recommendation flipped the lid open. Inside, there was a huge Nebraska Huskers emblem.

So, this was an actual casket that someone could be buried in. Husker red with the logo inside. For the die-hard fan (pun intended).

Or, you could buy it and bury the hopes and dreams of a Huskers winning season this year. Whatever works.

I'm a Huskers girl, but I still thought it was creepy.


Hound Doggy said...

ahhh that's nothin'
Go to Artcaskets.com They use to have a variety of sports teams. My personal favorite is the "Return to Sender" model.

Marti said...

I used to work at Mt. Washington funeral home/cemetery and you would be amazed at the crazy way people want to be buried! It's a strange world out there. Good to see you though! Hope all is well.