Saturday, October 11, 2008

Insta-Family! Just Add Heather.

Redneck Brother called me the other night and left a message that he and his missus needed me to drive all the way to BFE so they could discuss something VERY IMPORTANT.

Rather than drive 50 miles to discuss something VERY IMPORTANT, I picked up my phone.

Initially, he didn't want to talk about it over the phone, but I am persistent and he caved.

Apparently, they are thinking of the future in terms of "if something happens". More specifically, their kids.

After weighing the pros and cons of all the family members, they decided I was the most stable, and therefor, should anything happen to them, I will find myself with custody of Peanut and Sneakers (my new nickname for my nephew).

I've met my brother's in-laws. Being more stable than they are really is not a difficult task. Even though Redneck Brother and wife want to do this all legal, neat and tidy, I can't help but think that should something happen (God forbid), I'm going to have half a trailer park on my case. It's one thing to go driving through trailer parks to observe, it's something entirely different to have them know where you live. Even worse that they are related to you...even if it is distantly by marriage.

Meanwhile, my friends think it's hilarious as most of them don't see me as the nurturing Mommy-type. Could I really handle someone living under my roof that loves Hannah Montana????

So, let's all pray Redneck Brother and Wife live to be ripe, old people.

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