Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh, Bee-Hive!

This morning, I awoke to the sound of the doorbell. Because I went to bed with damp hair, my hair was all fuzzy. So, fuzzy hair and pj's, I answered the door to see a hot guy all dressed in Oklahoma Orange, stating that he worked for the water company and needed to do some work on my meter.


Waking me up -1
Being hot +1
Wearing the colors of my collegiate nemesis -2
There for the purpose of doing something that can be construed as naughty +2
Which really wasn't -3

So, I pointed him in the direction of my basement, and he proceeds to get right to work. He disappears outside and minutes later, rings my doorbell. I answer and he's looking wistful. He tells me that I apparently have a bee's nest somewhere near my water meter, and he has to call in help because he is allergic to bees. Like anaphalactic allergic. Like, I get stung and my airway closes and I totally ruin your day off allergic.

Sooner Boy disappears to my basement while I put on my flip-flops and examine this bee problem. A short while ago, I had bagged up some leaves, and I was distracted by something else and the bag, only half full, was left sitting beside the water meter. During that time of neglect because I completely forgot it was there, some bees apparently thought that bag was prime real estate and set up residency. There were literally dozens of bees swarming around, and not a can of Raid in site.

A short while later, another guy shows up, who is not allergic to bees, and together they proceed to update my meter, or whatever they were doing. Non-allergy Dude gets stung three times in the process. He's not upset by it. Apparently, he'd rather deal with bees than angry dogs.

So, now I have a bee issue. Mom laments that I should set fire to the bag, but because it's next to the house, I can't really do that. I guess I could buy an industrial-sized can of Raid and douse the bag, rebag it, and set it out for KC's biannual Leaf Pickup Day. There should be a simple way of dealing with this, but I've never had to exterminate a bee colony before.



"The D" said...

Screw the bees, lets talk about you letting a complete stranger into your house.

I don't even know where to begin with that nonsense.

First off the water company should have called first to make an appointment with you to get in your house.

Second they shouldn't have to get in to your house they don't have any thing that is their responsibility past the meter which is on the outside of your house.

Your smarter than these shenanigans.

Joe said...

Hire it out. Call a pest control company. Its the best way.

bobbie said...

Agree with both the above...

IDigSmartLadies said...

DIY is all the rage in this "fundamentally strong" economy, so skip the pros. Instead, think of it as a "gift" for a neighbor you don't like.

Heather said...

The KC water company is updating the meters to some new and fancy thing. I suspect it's like those regulatory thermostats that the electric company rolled out a few years ago.

Not to fear, they were legit. Besides, this house has firearms, and I'm a crackshot.

Spyder said...

The D is right! OMG did I just say that?

Heather said...

The water company had been trying to call me to set up an appointment. I checked my voicemail and there was a message saying they would be stopping by on Tuesday. Guess that's what happens when you check your landline messages once a week.

Thanks for your concern, D, but I really think you're concern is really envy because you haven't been to my house yet.

Melinda said...

I say go out really early in the morning and grab the prime real estate...they'll be groggy and too cold to really be able to fly around. I have a huge fear of getting stung (never been and dad was allergic), so I personally would call someone else to take it away. Maybe Mr. Recommendation has some ideas?