Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mystery Guests Explained and Other Blather

Brother has a new "friend". I think. We don't talk about his private life, and when I ask questions, he's usually vague. So, I stop asking. Brother is a pretty private person.

Turns out, the unusual items found in my house were items left behind by said "friend". I met her on Sunday when Mom had us over for dinner. Brother, myself, "friend" and her little offspring.

Thankfully, she left the terrier at home.

She seems nice enough, but the infant concerns me a little. This kid looks like he's barely out of his original packaging, and the mom may (or may not) be dating Brother. Where's the baby Daddy???

And that he had her over at Mom's house for dinner was puzzling. I don't like to drag boyfriends around to Mom unless we've been dating a while.

Amusingly, she brought a couple bottles of wine over. I've never known Brother to drink wine, but he was that day. I watched as he pulled a bottle of white wine out of the fridge. Filled a wine glass with ice. Poured wine into said glass of ice. Sat down at the table while I watched in horror.

Me: WHY are you drinking wine with ice in the glass?!?
Brother: I like ice in my drinks.
Me: So do I, but you don't generally put ice in wine.
Brother: (shrugs as he takes a drink)
Me: You know, I've got some neon bendy straws at home if you want one for your wine.

Even his "friend" thought it was odd.

Last night, myself, Mom, and Mr. Recommendation took a trip to Home Depot for building materials to finish my stairs. While we were there, we decided to get some supplies for the downstairs bathroom. A vanity, faucet, and grout. We have tile and paint.

Mr. Recommendation: How's the pooper??
Mom: That's an awfully personal question to be asking my daughter.
Mr. Recommendation: I meant the toilet.

After I paid for everything and we loaded it in the Jeep, we decided fish sounded good so we went to Bass Pro to their little restaurant. Now, I've never been to Bass Pro, so I got to wonder around and look at all the cool stuff. It made me want to buy a fishing pole and go camping. The food at the restaurant was great. We sat at the bar and watched the ginormous salt-water tank filled with brightly colored tropical fish. The bartender/server told us about the fish, and the fat puffer fish that kept floating by. I didn't know that when puffer fish blow up, they have something of a heart attack when they do.

I'll have to be sure to watch for that in my patients.


Nuke said...

My first exposure to wine as a kid was in a water glass with ice. Of course it also had 7-Up (my Mom invented wine coolers don't ya know). It was some pretty cheap ass wine, and the extra cold helped.

As for romance, your bro sounds weird to me as well. I never introduce a girl to my folks till we have been seeing other for ta least 3 months. So far that has been 3 times.

emawkc said...

Any chance the baby daddy WAS at dinner? You said your bro was the private type. Maybe this was his way of making an announcement without actually saying anything.

bobbie said...

One mystery solved; another appears!