Sunday, July 13, 2008

For Smo and H.C.

I apparently don't blog enough to appease my fans. I need to be inspired, otherwise I just crank out big, steamy hot piles of shit that look like what Hank now deposits in the back yard. I suppose I could blog about my bowel habits (regular!). My toys (impressive collection!). My wedges (still need to post pics of those for Suzy).

I don't just pull this out of my ass, people!!

And it's too early to post about the new guy I've been talking to. We are currently in negotiations for one of those date-type things. I can't blog about him yet, I haven't decided on a nickname which doesn't insult his sexual prowess (of which I have no first hand knowledge of).

I guess I could really give Kant a coronary and post a review of some porn flick I've had the misfortune of previewing.

So, this is for Smo and H.C., because they have been bitching all night that I don't blog every single minute of my life so they have something to read while the patients actually sleep for a change.

Go back to work, bitches!!

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