Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Blather

I was up until 3am or so this morning talking on the phone with New Guy. The phone call was supposed to have been a short one. He was tired. I was tired. However, what was supposed to be a short conversation ended up being a little over 4 hours long.

Don't ask me what we talk about...I promised not to blog about it (he's smart, this one).

After the call ended, I went to bed and slept until 8:30 when I woke up on my own, and realized I missed Indy's call for breakfast. Oops. I got up anyway, dressed, went to the store for essentials, and came home. I crawled back into bed, intending for a good nap before work.

Brother had a tattoo slated for this afternoon, and his "client" brought over some little yap-yap dog with a high-pitched bark which continued long after he put the dog in the back yard with Hank and Sam. Put a yap-yap dog, a 5-month old Saint Bernard, and an American Eskimo in a yard and have them bark in unison = no sleep for Heather.

I finally dozed off when the doorbell rang. I waited and when it was evident Brother was not going to answer it, I did. It was some schmuck from Time Warner wanting me to switch service. He was a bit of a douche about it, especially when I told him I wasn't interested. He wanted to know what I paid for my dish-phones-computer bundle (NUNYA!). I told him three times I wasn't interested, but he wasn't to be deterred. I even caught myself nodding off during his sales pitch. Hello??? Did he not notice the pajamas and messed up hair???

Finally, I said "no thanks" and shut the door. Bitchy? Probably, but dammit, when I say no, go away.

I've been having problems with people calling during my prime sleeping hours. I've decided to collect all the numbers of the offending parties, and I will be making some calls this weekend. All starting at 1am.


Xavier Onassis said...

Why would you even answer the door or the phone when you are sleeping?

I actually turn my ringer off when I go to bed. No good can come from middle of the night phone calls.

People say "well what if a family member is dying?".

I'm no fucking doctor! They're the ones you want to be calling, not me! Call me in the morning after my 2nd cup of coffee and tell me how they made out. Whether they're alive or dead, I'll be much better equipped to feign concern after that 2nd cup o' joe!

Of course, this policy will have to change in a couple of years when the daughter gets her driver's license. Then, I'll be sleeping (in fits and starts) with a bluetooth headset jammed in my ear.

Melinda said...

So I guess The D will be getting called soon huh?

big russ said...

talking 4 hours is nothing... current girl we stop it at 2 hours or less, but in college i was a total dumbass. did not get sleep at all and was on phone with this gal from ohio for pretty much 6 hours. honestly i think i fell asleep during it. she just was yapping about random stuff and had no clue. seriously why the hell talk for 6 damn hours? i dunno. i did. waste of a good nights sleep considering it went for a lost cause since im not with this chick now.

Suzy said...

I don't keep a phone in my bedroom because of my sleep issues. Have been bedroom phone free for over 20years. I also changed my outgoing message to say "If you've called here before 11 am, you're in deep shit. So hang up and DON'T DO IT AGAIN."

Don't be afraid to be a bitch. Men aren't and they get tons of respect.

gmcountrymama said...

I remember the days of 4 hour long phone sex, I mean, phone conversations!
I don't like people who come over uninvited. That is why I live way out in the country. Of course this doesn't stop the religious visitors.

Nightmare said...

Post the numbers here and I'll help with the calling.