Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Funder and Yightning Skeery!!

So I'm sitting here in my bathrobe, waiting for the storm to subside so I can take a proper shower. I don't want to be in mid-soap and have the power go out. Some may find that erotic, and under normal circumstances, so would I, but I'm alone, I have a gimpy knee, and not seeing where anything is equates to disaster.

Taking the initiative, I went back to the gym tonight to start my swimming regimen. I'm not one for running (anymore), but I'm a pretty proficient swimmer. I used to dive when I was a kid (one-and-a-half gainers at 12 years old, thank-you-very-much) until my weird, smelly Uncle Harold told me I was inches away from smacking my head on the board. After that, I lost my nerve and never dove again. My dad was pissed. Not at me, at Uncle Harold.

Anyway, I got into the pool. Swimming hurt at first, but then things started working as I went, and soon I was trucking up and down the lane. Two lanes over, there is a this hairy Armenian who I'm sure was rocking the AARP card, and I swear he tried to hit on me. Did I mention he was hairy? Like the missing link. Oh, and he was wearing a Speedo.

Done swimming, I decided to move to the gym's hot tub. Community hot tub = human stew. However, I didn't care. The hot water felt divine, and once my eyes stopped burning from all the chlorine in the air, I settled in for a good 15 minute soak. Thankfully, the Armenian didn't join me. Neither did anyone else. Apparently, the place to see and be seen was the dry sauna. I walked by it, and there was a sausage fest if I ever saw one. I'll stick with the hot tub.

Nicely pruned, I went back to the locker room and showered. I didn't wash my hair (hence the need for a proper shower at home), but soaped myself up with whatever soap provided by the gym.

Then, it happened.

Lights and sirens went off. It was the fire alarm, and I was standing in the locker room, stark-ass naked and covered in soap. Building on fire? Too bad. I hurried and toweled off, threw on my clothes and left. I figured I was water-logged enough to the point that I'd burn slowly anyway.

Outside the locker room, everyone was working out as usual, despite the fire alarms going off. Most everyone covered there ears. An employee mentioned the building was not on fire, but a power surge tripped the alarm, and it would shut off in 5 minutes. I opted to not wait out the 5 minutes, and leave instead. A monsoon waited outside, and the PT floated home.

So, here I sit. I may chance the shower anyway because the chlorine smell is starting to make me nauseated.

And how did you weather the storm??


Shicho said...

...slept through itlike a baby.

Sully Sullivan said...

First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated.

What happened to your leg?

I don't think being in total darkness buck naked in a gym change room is erotic in any way. Just to let you know.

"The D" said...

What storm? When did all of this take place?Did I miss a week or something?

You could always put out a candle if you're worried about the power going out.

Nuke said...

Just turned off my home electronics when the thunder started shaking my windows, and got thru fine.

After the swim day with my GF and her kids last week, I am excited about getting back in the pool. I need more quantity AND quality of exercise right now and the swimming is the least sucky exercise for me. I have a question tho, is the womens locker room like the mens? You know, lots of old folks with their crinkly parts out air drying, and almost dragging the floor...

Rph Mommy said...

I love "human stew" so gross, but so true.

big russ said...

your gym experience sounds like 24 hour fitness how its set up on metcalf.

Suzy said...

Natural catastrophes happening around us gimps. Coincidence?