Saturday, July 05, 2008

July Festivities at General Blather

Ummm, I worked. It sucked. Ever had a day where your 12-hour deodorant gives up at the 6th hour? Yeah, that was my night. I spent the better part of the evening thinking I was going to vomit because I was a bundle of nerves. I will be so happy when this post-surgical funk passes and I'm back to my normal, confident, asshole self.

Anyway, our night didn't suck because we had an influx of admits. Our floor only got one and it was some pud med-surg problem. However, the helipad is directly above us, and I think helicopters landed 10 times. Some pilots land better than others. The bad ones cause the entire building the shake and it takes at least ten minutes for the exhaust fumes to dissipate.

Apparently, KC Star printed a coupon we didn't know one trauma, get the second one half off. The injuries, naturally, involved fireworks, or people falling into campfires, or just being drunk douche bags. Is this July the cutoff for the Darwin Awards??


At least I wasn't Indy. He got to float around the hospital and bonded with a young lady who revealed to him that she had "the runs". Lucky guy. I should try using this line sometime and see if it makes men swoon.

At any rate, my night sucked. I was the captain of the shaky ship, and I'm still a ball of nerves. And it's July, so we have the annual influx of new residents. Lucky us, we got the dumbest fucking resident on the planet. I'm pretty sure she paid someone to do her homework when she was in medical school...she couldn't find her ass with two hands.

If Dr. Dumbass is any indicator for the rest of the newbie residents I haven't had the pleasure of meeting, this is going to be a long year. God help me and God help our patients.

I should save up my PTO and just take the entire month of July off next year. I wonder if Bosshole would approve it...

The only silver lining was the delicious bbq rib dinner Mom made. It was good...we're talking rub it on your bare nipples good. It was so awesome, I got leftovers to take to work. Of course I had to eat it in five minute increments, but it was still good. It was the best. She makes the best ribs ever and I will pit her ribs against anyone else's ribs. If anyone thinks they can do better, they can kiss my fat ass. Which probably where the ribs will end up anyway.

On that note, I'm going to bed.


K2 said...

It sounds like your weekend was full of fun! I hope that things smooth out for you and you're back to your bad self. Love you and miss you!

big russ said...
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big russ said...

"It was good...we're talking rub it on your bare nipples good"

haha. never heard that when talking about ribs before. good stuff. =)

the "comment deleted" above mine was this one. i wanted to edit it my post because originally it read, "i enjoy your blog. always a good read. i hope you get better soon."

i want to say, i hope your knee gets better soon. not your blog like it might have originally read in the original sentence.

if that makes since. i'm blabbering. haven't slept all night.